Yowamushi pedal limit break – 20

They used to say about boxing that great matches make for great fights. The same is true for sports animation to a certain extent, depending on the sport. And I think it applies to cycling, which while it’s a team sport in the end (more in fiction than even in real life) usually comes down to one-on-one battles. In general, contrasting styles are usually a great match. Hagler vs. Hearns (or Leonard). Ali vs. Fraser. Midousuji would be an interesting match with anyone, because in contrast to humans – there is no one like him. But if Yowamushi pedal Going down to the last two, it ended up being pretty good (again).

Once upon a time in Enoshima, our principals had a fateful meeting. It was great to see the always fun Mr. Pierre, who hardly gets any oxygen at all from this series. He wants his weary boys to get a break from cycling, so he gives them a forced day off. To the second three-year-old (who knows she’s the backbone of the team) he gives passes to the Enoshima Aquarium. Naruko is resistant at first, but once inside he transforms into a student of Genki. Separated from his friends (for a second I thought the lady was going to treat him like a lost child), Sakamichi left his phone in the car. Who appears to help the Prince of the Mountain, Manami-kun?

Of course in sports manga we get the “estimated rival” thing all the time. but Yowabeda It gives it a nice vibe, because with those two things it’s really authentic. They also check contrast boxes. Manami is an iconoclast who rides primarily to challenge himself, while Onoda rides for the team first. Manami is quite confident in his greatness, while Onoda never gives himself enough credit. Manami rides gracefully and economically, using his gears to drive his engine, while Onoda relies almost exclusively on his frantic rhythm. In real cycling too, elite climbers are a mixture of different riding styles, which is what makes the peak finishes of the Grand Tours all the more exciting.

Dramatically speaking, this series really has it covered with these two. I like both of them, and would be totally happy to see which one wins. And they love — and respect — each other, too. There’s no cheating with Sakamichi and Sangaku – they just enjoy nudging each other and feeling the excitement of the moment. This is the second year in a row that they’ve been the last guys standing, of course, which takes luck and opportunity off the table – they’re the best finishers in the race. Which means, really, that it’s time for Sakamichi to admit how amazing he is. One of the things a great athlete must do to be great is acknowledge his own prowess. Riding the team is good – but Sohoku needs to be clear about who their hero is and tailor their strategy to support him.

Like crowned heads Yowabeda They gathered to watch – as Makishima and Toudou-kun, who still had a playful relationship – Manami and Onoda inch to within 1.5km of the finish. This finish is much higher than previous altitudes – more than 2,000 metres, which is enough to make the air measurably thinner. But as Teshima told his troops, everyone is in the same boat – you just have to accept the pain and keep cycling. Obviously this back and forth will continue to the end with no apparent contestants involved – in that sense there isn’t much drama. But with these two, the sparring is more than amusing enough to take us to the climax.


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