World Honeybee Day 2022: History, Meaning and Facts

World Honeybee Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday in August and falls on August 20 this year.

The day is celebrated to recognize the importance of bees in our world and also to raise public awareness about bee conservation.

Because there are many dangers that a bee faces, I am in today’s world that poses a threat of extinction to these beautiful creatures. And if the world’s bees die out, it would have a very devastating effect on our planet, as bees play a very important role in maintaining our ecosystem.

Event World Honeybee Day
Date August 20, 2022
Day Saturday
Meaning The honeybees are recognized for their contributions
observed by Worldwide


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World Honeybee Day History:

Bees have always been important to all people because of the delicious and sweet honey it produces. For example, honey has been used as a sweetener for all kinds of foods. Though the method of collecting honey from the nectar was risky because of a chance of getting bee sting, but still people took it because of the importance of honey.

The first record of the massive use of honey can be found in ancient Egyptian civilization. Because they were the first to master the use of honey, because they used it as a preservative and also used it to treat certain ailments. And so the practice of beekeeping was introduced around 3500 BC

The beekeeping method improved over time. Then, after a comb harvest, a man named Lorenzo Langstroth discovered a way to keep the hive going. This revolutionized the practice of beekeeping and encouraged more people to keep bees.

The first World Honeybee Day was held in 2009 and it has grown in popularity ever since. This holiday is meant to promote beekeeping and also tends to make the people aware of the importance of bees in our lives and also tell the people about the urgent need to conserve the bees.

Meaning World Honeybee Day:

When we think of bees, the first thing that comes to mind is the delicious and sweet honey. And honey is a very important food. First of all, it is a very good preservative that allows it to stay fresh for a long time. Many dishes are made with the use of honey and nowadays there are many dishes where honey is also a very good flavoring agent.

In addition to its delicious taste, honey has several health benefits and is a very pure form of sugar, so it is healthier than the refined sugar we usually use today. Along with a food item, many people still use honey as medicine to treat certain wounds and ailments. And it has also been scientifically proven that honey can be a very good remedy for certain types of ailments and it is natural and therefore does not have any side effects.


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Bees are also very important for pollination. And pollination is very crucial as most of the foods we consume today come from the plants or crops that need pollination to grow and honey bees are one of the main sources for pollinating these plants or crops.

So a world without bees can also see a world without humans, because pollination is also so crucial to our existence. And that is why bees must be conserved at all costs, because without bees, we as humans would also face many difficulties in our survival.

World Honeybee Day Facts:

Let’s learn some interesting and fascinating facts about our sweet honey bees that might make you like them even more:

  1. Bees are very noisy because they flap their wings about 11,400 times in just one minute.
  2. Only female bees can sting, male bees have no stinger.
  3. A honey bee has five eyes, two large and three small.
  4. Honeybees are the only insect that makes food that humans can eat.
  5. Eating honey makes you smarter because it contains an antioxidant that improves brain functions.
  6. Honeybees communicate through a series of dance moves.
  7. Each honeybee from the same hive has its own specific color identification.

Most searched frequently asked questions on World Honeybee Day:

1. When is World Honeybee Day celebrated?

World Honeybee Day is celebrated annually on the third Saturday of August.

2. How many honeybees can be in a colony?

The number of honeybees in a colony can reach up to 80,000.

3. Are honeybees dangerous?

Honey bees only sting when they feel that they or their colony are being attacked.

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