Vinland Saga season 2 episode 8


Each week, the contrast between Thorfinn and Einar’s personalities grows more profound, and in highlighting the differences between them the show thrives on storytelling and character development.

We recap the Crunchyroll Vinland Saga Anime Series Season 2 Episode 8, “Empty Man”, which contains spoilers.

in Vinland Saga season 2 episode 7Viewers learned a lot from her ketel (Voice it Hideaki Tezuka). While he’s still a good guy, he seems to be the person he really is and the person people think he is quite the opposite. Although his good nature can be good Thorfinn (Yuto Ohmura) And Einar (Shunsuke Takeuchi)Ketil’s most ruthless son, thorgill, that could be a problem later. How he will react to Thorfinn and Einar is unknown, but viewers can only hope he doesn’t become an enemy.

Vinland Saga season 2 episode 8

The episode opens in the middle of a nightmare, with Thorfinn dreaming of his young son pursuing the reeling Einar family. He tries to stop himself but falls through a crumbling floor. As he tries to climb back up from the trenches, dead bodies grab his limbs, pulling Thorfinn down before he finally wakes up screaming.

When he wakes up, Einar tells Thorfinn that he is having a nightmare again. For once, Thorfinn remembers a little of his dream, but not much. Then Einar tells him that Thorfinn mentioned in his sleep the name “Askelad”.

After seeing how much Thorfinn and Einar’s wheat crops had grown, the other farmers began to complain, saying that it was unfair to allow slaves and farm laborers to cultivate the land.

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While working on the farm, Thorfinn told Einar Askeladdconfessing that he is the man who killed his father. He tells Einar of following Askelad into battle for 11 years in hopes of getting revenge, just not to get it. As Einar tells him his heart probably needs time to promise everything, Thorfinn can’t help feeling like he’s forgotten something. He then admits that although he no longer hates Askelade, he feels empty without him.

What does Safirkil teach Thorfinn and Einar to do?

Sverkel teaches Thorfinn and Einar how to fish with nets.

What does Thorfinn Einar ask about humans?

When they return from the beach, Thorfinn asks Einar if humans can change. Einar replies that he thinks it is possible, as Thorfinn is currently “in the process of changing for the better”.

What happened to Thorfinn’s wheat and Einar?

Thorfinn and Einar return to their wheat field to find it has been destroyed, the plants being dug up by the roots. Almost immediately, Einar knows this is the work of the farm workers and leaves to find them. Thorfinn forbids him to use violence against a free man, and instead, they tell Pater, who says he will lead an investigation.

What does Einar tell Thorfinn about Arnheid?

Einar tells Thorfinn that Ketil is too attached to Arnhide, so unlike them, she cannot force her way to freedom.

Vinland Saga season 2 episode 8

While walking through the farm, Thorfinn and Einar encounter the farmhands. While the free men harass them, Thorfinn tries to stop Einar from attacking them. However, Einar tries to punch the main opponent anyway but is defeated by Thorfinn, who hits the man first. The two groups then break out, and Thorfinn sees moments from his past as he passes out.

When this season first started, I didn’t expect Thorfinn and Einar to be the dynamic duo they’ve become. I particularly enjoy the way both have changed as the season progresses, with Thorfinn becoming the calmer and more rational of the two while Einar becoming more tired and irascible. Although Einar still manages to keep his cool most of the time, his anger is reminiscent of season one’s Thorfinn, and it’s interesting to see Thorfinn react to that now that he’s matured.

This episode had more action, which was a nice touch. While the season didn’t need fights to carry, it’s still fun to see Thorfinn use his skills at times. Hopefully he doesn’t come back to bite him more often.

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