Top Weekly News: Coca-Cola and others extract billions of gallons of water from reservoirs during Mexico’s drought, janitor brings dying chimpanzee back to life, young Republicans worry about the environment, and more!

Every Friday, One Green Planet brings you the most important news of the week. For those who don’t have much time to read the news every day, this is a great resource and an easy way to catch up! Here you will find different news categories, a summary of the main stories and links to each article published during the week.

1. Animal rights and welfare news

Tiger lying on the ground

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As always, we had a lot of news to report in the world of animal rights and welfare. This week we saw happy and hopeful stories, but also some grim and depressing ones. Some of the more notable stories include New SWIMS Law Will End Catching and Breeding Whales For Public Display, New Documentary Reveals Brazil’s Cruel Live Animal Exports, Big Cat Public Safety Act Passes House Of Representatives !, DC League of Super-Pets Inspired by the director’s experience Volunteering at a shelter for old and disabled animals, animal rights activists claim Iranian troops slaughtered more than 1,000 vaccinated and sterilized shelter dogs, slaughtered more than 100 bottlenose dolphins in ‘traditional hunting’ in the Faroe Islands Turning the water dark red, up to 20 dead animals, including koalas and dogs, were found dead and dumped in Brisbane Park, seven beagles rescued from cruel research facility where they could not see the sun or walk on grass, pregnant mustangs and foals who were forced to run for their lives in Hors’s controversial and secretive wilderness e Roundup, groups condemn Louisiana State University for continuing cruel tests on birds by feeding them crude oil, RSPCA rescues 47 large rabbits believed to have been bred to be eaten, family of nine spider monkeys rescued from illegal zoo and returned to rainforest, and Las Vegas venue cancels live animal magic show after receiving hundreds of rejection letters.

Here are the other key animal stories of the week:

2. News about Earth and the environment

Ecologist taking sample from polluted water

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There were countless environmental stories this week that gave us hope for the future and reminded us how far we still have to go. Some of the more memorable stories included nearly a million California residents living with contaminated drinking water considered hazardous to human health, Mexico experiencing dangerous drought. While companies like Coca-Cola and Heineken draw billions of gallons of water from public reservoirs, pollution is tire dust is a huge threat to marine life and researchers looking for solutions as Singapore’s heat and humidity continue to rise and make it uninhabitable.

Here are the other top earth stories of the week:

3. Life News

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In the headlines this week, innovation was in the spotlight in Sustainable Mason Jar Snack Hack, Sustainable Candle Recycling Hack, A Look into Agnes Denes’ Art Project Showing a Wheat Field Grown in a Landfill, Things You Need to Stop Throwing Away that can be reused , TikTok tip: quick and easy sustainable home exchange for everyone, and Egyptian artists create recycled art made from old factory waste materials.

4. Plant-based food news

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There was a lot of excitement in the world of plant-based food news this week, including Hotel Chain Will Add Plant-Based Alternatives to Every Menu Item, SavorEat Launches Fully Customizable 3D-Printed Plant-Based Pork and Turkey Burgers, PETA’s New Video Promotes Veganism Featuring Lizzo’s ‘Good As Hell’ and Omakaseed brings plant-based Omakase dining experience to New York City!

5. Natural Health News

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This week in the natural health news we learned the importance of being careful with health-based tracking apps in Cyber ​​Safety for Women in a Post Roe-Wade World and why whole foods are better for your brain in People Who Eat More Ultra-Processed Food At Higher Risk Of Dementia, New Study Finds.

6. Stories of Human Interests


This week, for the sake of humanity, we saw one of the catastrophic effects of extreme heat in Texas Town On Verge of Running Out of Water Explains Water Emergency and Ways Women Can Protect Their Health Information in How to Protect Your Data Post Roe v. wade.

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