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Among the many compilation boxes released in Pokémon Trading Card GameThe top 10 most expensive chests earn their high price tags with rare cards, beautiful artwork, and fan-favorite Pokémon. While these prices do bounce based on the availability of Collector’s Boxes over time, demand for these products is usually steady thanks to The Pokémon Company intentionally putting extra detail into the cards inside. This includes various Holo versions, decorative cards, and alternative art that can’t be found anywhere else.

Prices for these kits vary greatly from site to site. Rare public appreciation PokemonTCG The price of a collector case is usually based on its used market value, as new copies of these boxes are rarely produced. Therefore, these prices are based on the average price of real market listings completed online (via eBay). In addition, these listings are only for unopened and undamaged boxes, which means that the box and the contents themselves are likely to be in perfect condition.

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10 The Pokémon Champion Path Elite Training Box features a fan-favorite shiny Pokémon – $90

Pokémon TCG Champion's Path Collection Box.

the Champion’s Path Elite Trainer A box that sets an air of prestige: the metallic bronze Charizard design on the front gives the set a premium feel, making it stand out Pokemon Fund width. But the main reason for the hero’s path Pokemon TCG The deck brings a high price tag is the fan favorite Shiny Charizard V card. Any Charizard card sells well, but the shiny version is extremely rare – this card alone can fetch close to $200 USD.

9 Legends abound in the Pokémon Hidden Fates Elite Training Box – $115

Pokémon TCG Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Collection Box.

The Hidden Fates Training Chest also contains a Shiny Charizard, this time in GX form. However, Hidden Fates has a noticeable advantage over Champion’s Path: Legendaries. Specifically, collectors can find rare Legendary Bird cards within the deck, including Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. These birds are also depicted in the box’s artwork, making it a great tricolor piece.

8 Shining Legends Darkrai Set Contains Shining Legends – $120

Pokémon TCG Shining Legends Darkrai Collection Box.

Moving to another level is the Shining Legends Darkrai set, which improves a level Hidden Fates Expanding by including more Legends, including fan favorites Rayquaza and Mew. More attractive, it’s possible, though extremely rare, to drag a glossy copy of The Legendaries inside.

Shiny Raquaza is a collector’s dream, with its elegant black color palette. In addition, all other Legends have full art card designs to stand out in the middle of a game or in a collector’s file.

7 The Sword & Shield Ultra-Premium Collection is a must for Charizard fans – $130

Pokémon TCG Sword & Shield Ultra-Premium Collection Box.

Given Charizard’s popularity, it’s no surprise that The Pokémon Company decided to release an entire box set around it. Although not quite named, the Sword & Shield Ultra-Premium Set features three of the best Charizard cards to celebrate the V series: Charizard V, Charizard VMAX, and Charizard VSTAR. Each of these cards has been photographed with etched foil, which makes them more attractive both visually and tactilely. Completing the attribute is a metallic-effect Charizard coin to use in coin toss or, more likely, to display as a token.

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6 Sylveon Collection Contains Unique Sylveon Figurine – $240

Pokémon TCG Sylveon Collection Box.

The only Pokémon collectively capable of rivaling Charizard’s popularity is Eeveelutions, which was immortalized in the Sylveon Collection Box. A fan-like arrangement of Eevee and its evolutions is prominently displayed on the front of the box, with the star, Sylveon, given its own space on one side.

The Sylveon statue adds to the set’s aesthetic value outside Pokemon TCG. But with all of these items, the set is still hard to price due to its rarity and low sales figures. This could mean that the value of the collection will go up in the future since Eevee is always a popular Pokémon.

Pokémon TCG Shiny VSTAR Nessa Rurina Collector's Box.

This glossy VSTAR Nessa Rurina Box is a Japan-only collection at this current point in time, but it’s obvious why even Western collectors would want a copy. The box on its own is great: the quiet underwater setting with Rurina in the middle is eye-catching. Coaches also tend to command high prices for their “waifu” status in the online community.

Inside the box, collectors are treated to very rare, shiny VSTAR cards including a highly coveted card: Marnie. Even if the box lacks any good pulls, there are still enough accessories to justify the kit’s higher price point; Specifically, the deck box and card sleeves display the box artwork to show off during a game.

4 Pokémon Celebrations Ultra-Premium Collection Anniversary Celebrations – $410

Pokémon Celebration Collection Box.

Pokémon Celebrations Ultra-Premium Collection has been released in honor Pokemon25th Anniversary, summon the original Wizards of the Coast base set Pokemon Cards featuring dozens of fan-favorite Pokémon. Perhaps the most famous of these are the metal versions of a core set of Pikachu and Charizard cards – while they lack the actual rarity of the original cards, they do have an exclusive air of their own.

Besides the actual cards, the box itself is a fantastically beautiful display item – unlike some of the more unsightly ones Pokemon Displays. Pikachu’s face appears in minimalist art style on a sleek white box. The constant red bags on the cheeks were replaced with the number “25” to mark the occasion and remind the collector of just how far the franchise has come.

3 The Kanazawa Special Collection contains the most adorable Pikachu card – $420

Pokemon Kanazawa Special Collection Box.

Right away, the Kanazawa Special Box makes a great impression with its vibrant color scheme and cute aesthetic. This set was released in Japan to celebrate the opening of the Pokémon Center store in Kanazawa – hence the name of the set. The defining card of the set is a female reverse Pikachu with a heart-shaped love-tail wearing a kimono. But the other Pokemon featured in the design are just as lovely, including Milotic, Sobble, and more.

Hardcore collectors appreciate the collection not only for this card but for other highly sought after rare coins that are worth the most money, like the aforementioned Marnie Card that can sell for just $220. As with previous decks, box art can also be enjoyed in the form of deck chests and card sleeves.

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2 The Sword & Shield Precious Collection Box only contains 1 card – $470

Pokemon Sword and Shield Precious Collection Box.

The Sword & Shield Precious Collector Box is the second most expensive collection box even though there is only one card in it: a special Secret Rare Pikachu promotional card. This card’s art is fantastic, and it features a bright explosion of blues, oranges, and purples made up of various legendary Pokémon from Sword and shield. Additionally, the card has a number of different textures and Holo sections to make it a display-worthy item.

Mostly, however, collectors buy this set for the much-needed fund Pokemon supplements. This includes a black leather card box, card file, and premium frame to display the aforementioned Pikachu card. Anyone who managed to pre-order the box for just $135 when it first came out in Japan has now made a huge profit.

1 The special Eevee Heroes box explodes with every Eeveelution – $715

Pokémon Eevee Heroes Collection Box.

The Eevee Heroes Special Box takes advantage of the outright popularity of each Eeveelution to justify its incredibly high resale value. The box art is beautiful, and invokes a similar Impressionist art style to that of Professor Layton series. This board manages to capture all of the Eeveelutions while also creating the setup for many of their card arts, such as the inline Espeon VMAX. This art is then repeated on the deck box and included card sleeves.

This box also contains one of the most popular Pokemon in the world Pokemon TCG: Umbreon VMAX with alternative art. The image of Umbreon curled around a tower scratching at the moon, combined with the card’s rarity, made it incredibly popular. Even an unrated version of this card sells for about $475. Since this is only one of the many Eeveelution cards included, the Eevee Heroes Special Box earns its place as the most expensive collection box in the world. Pokemon TCG.

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Source: Pokémon Official YouTube Channel / YouTube and eBay

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