This series won Anime of the Year at the Crunchyroll Awards.

If Crunchyroll has risen to the top of the anime streaming services, it’s for several reasons. The first is that the platform is offered to its subscribers exclusively in parallel with its distribution in Japan. Then each year, Crunchyroll rewards the entire gamut of creators who have contributed to the expansion of Japanese animation. And so for the year 2022, the Crunchyroll Awards The award-winning anime that popped up. Find out the big winners at this party.

Credits: Netflix
Credits: Netflix

Biggest anime collide

The Crunchyroll Awards 2023 has put several anime in competition. We had very popular series like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer and also original anime like Lycoris Recoil or Ranking of the Kings. After voting by fans around the world, today’s ceremony was held in Japan. During this huge amount of anime fans, thanks and awards have been fine. Check out the animations that won in each category.

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