The Pokémon World Championships 2023: How to watch, dates, games, location

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The 2023 Pokémon World Championship is on the horizon, as talented trainers from around the world prepare to compete in different Pokémon games. Here’s everything fans need to know about the event.

Every year, fans of the competitive Pokemon arena look forward to the Pokemon World Championship event, where players from around the world battle for the top spot.

Last year’s World Championships were held in person at the ExCel London Conference Centre, with five champions taking home prizes ranging from $10,000 to $25,000.

This year’s Pokémon World Championships will once again be held in person outside of the United States and host five different games in which trainers can compete. So, let’s break down everything coaches need to know about this massive event before it begins.

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The Pokémon World Championships 2023 dates and location

The Pokemon World Championship 2023 event will take place In Yokohama, Japan from August 11, 2023 to August 13, 2023.

The Pokémon World Championship 2023 logoThe Pokemon Company

Yokohama, home of the 2023 World Pokémon Championships, is the second largest city in Japan.

It’s not clear what time the event will start, but if the 2022 event is anything to go by, it’s the epicenter of the event. It will likely open around 8am JST / 4pm CST / 10pm GMT.

By extension, the The first day of the contest may start around 9:45am JST / 5:45pm CST / 11:45GMTLike last year.

This article will be updated with the official time and schedule for the event when The Pokemon Company reveals it through the official website.

How to watch the Pokémon World Championships 2023

While Worlds 2023 is an in-person event, it will be live-streamed for players unable to make the trip to Japan. The main hub for the World Championships is on the official Pokemon Twitch channel, which can be found below.

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The main Pokemon channel usually focuses on VGC and TCG competitions, while other games can be found on their own channels. Trainers can follow these links to watch the 2023 Pokemon Onet and Pokemon Go World Championships live.

Every match in the 2023 Pokémon World Championships

As revealed in the Pokemon Presents live stream on Pokemon Day 2023, this year’s event will feature four Pokemon games instead of last year’s five.

The World Championship will be shown in 2023 VGC Pokémon Tournamentwhich will feature Scarlet & Violet for competitive play for the first time ever.

Plus, the Pokemon Trading Card Game, also known as TCG, is once again a mainstay among the competitive Pokemon community.

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pokemon tcg worlds 2022The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon TCG returns for the Pokemon World Championship 2023 event.

Finally, fans can expect both Pokemon Unite and Pokemon Go to return in the 2023 World Championships. Competitive teams are already forming for Pokemon Unite, as Luminosity recently announced its Unite roster.

Unfortunately for Pokken Tournament DX fans, the game has been dropped from the lineup and will not appear at Worlds 2023.

Here’s everything we know about the Pokemon World Championship 2023 event! This article will be updated as more information is released closer to August 2023, so be sure to check back in the future.

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