The Elden Ring player finds a perfect counter to the Elden Stars’ pesky attack in PvP

In a PvP battle, an Elden Ring player countered an Elden Stars dominant spell using a unique strategy to reverse the attack.

During a pvp battle in the Colosseum, one Elden ring The player used the Erdtree Greatshield to perfectly counter the Elden Stars spell staff. Elden ring It is a game with a wide range of spells and spells that players can use throughout the gameplay and in player versus player. With the game out for over a year now, some players are finding new and interesting attack combos while others are looking for ways to counter these divergent attacks.

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Elden Stars’ talisman Elden ring It can be one of the most irritating templates to encounter when directed in the player’s direction. Elden Stars’ attack appears as large golden projectiles that hurl other, smaller projectiles as they move towards the target. Small projectiles deal continuous Stance damage, and the golden projectile explodes on contact and deals large amounts of holy damage. Many players first encounter this move when encountering an Elden Beast, but the character’s Legendary Talisman can also be obtained for use by finding it in the Lands Between. It takes a huge amount of faith to cast but is worth it in the end due to its tracking ability which follows the target until it explodes, dealing massive damage.

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One player found a very useful counter to this very annoying spell in a battle in V Elden Ring Colosseum. In a video posted to Reddit by KingOfEthanopia, the player can be seen in the video showing off the dastardly spell’s smart meter. The player engages in one-on-one combat in the Colosseum, and the enemy begins casting the Elden Stars spell when KingOfEthanopia instinctively replaces his equipped weapon with the Erdtree Greatshield. Using the weapon skill, Golden Revenge, KingOfEthanopia was able to effectively convert his defensive shield into an offensive powerhouse. The weapon skill can ignore frontal attacks from spells and spells and then retaliate with a ranged attack on its own. This turned the battle in KingOfEthanopia’s favour, eventually causing them to emerge victorious in the end.

Erdtree Greatshield is a great resource for players who focus more on melee and have trouble dealing with ranged attacks. The ability to absorb projectiles and return with a near-instant attack is often the difference between life and death Elden ring. This mighty shield is also very useful when facing the spammer Moonveil katana in Elden ring Where the weapon art can also be absorbed, triggering the golden shield revenge.

Players looking to design their character as a Tree Sentinel should pick up this Greatshield in addition to the Golden Halberd. Both weapons require a significant investment in faith and strength. The Golden Halberd can be obtained from the beginning of the game, but players will need to reach the Altus Plateau to obtain the Greatshield.

Elden ring Available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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