The Elden Ring player comes up with a strategy to kill the invaders with the Flame Chariot

A creative Elden Ring player has found a unique and useful strategy that allows them to take advantage of one of the game’s lesser-known mechanics.

that Elden ring The player has discovered a great way to fend off the invaders by using one of the unnatural enemies in the game, the Flame Chariot. Elden ring It is a very diverse game with many hours of gameplay for players to delve into and explore. Having been released for more than a year now, many gamers have completed the base game and are looking for creative ways to enjoy the content. Invasions are a popular way that many fans continue to play, but some clever players have devised intricate strategies to deal with unwanted invaders.

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Invasions are part of the player versus player side Elden ring. This mechanism allows one or two hostile enemies to join the host’s world and fight to the death. Invasions can only happen if the world host is online and playing with friends. Otherwise, the player will have to equip an item known as the Taunter’s Tongue in order to openly invite these invaders into their world. Fighting two invaders one at a time is not an easy task. It requires patience and knowledge of its many weapons Elden ring In order to successfully achieve 2v1. Many players have begun to use their environment in an attempt to gain the upper hand in battle, with mixed results.

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One Elden ring A player posted a video on Reddit, showing him using one of Flame Chariot’s unique animations to kill an unsuspecting invader. A Reddit user, named w1LL_1am, can be seen in the video waiting to be summoned to their world by the invader. Upon their arrival, w1LL_1am performed an attack on the enemy Flame Chariot from above. This attack triggers an animation that kills the flame chariot with one hit. He eventually causes it to explode in a large fireball, damaging anything within range. He chased the invader after w1LL_1am and due to the precise timing of the attack, the fire knocked out the invaders allowing the host to kill them without much effort.

Flame chariot enemies in Elden ring It is one of the most eye-catching creatures in the lands between. Their absurd strength and weird mechanics make them a tough foe to beat and even tougher to understand. The camper itself is a large tank with a flamethrower in it which is powered by the fire monk who sits in the back of the vehicle. The chariot’s face was made to resemble that of a giant, perhaps even a fire giant.

Players looking to simulate the feeling of being a flamethrower for themselves should get the Visage Shield at Elden ring. This mighty armor is modeled after a flame chariot and his unique weapon skill allows players to spit fire at enemies directly in front of the character. This item can be obtained from an underground chest in the Caelem Ruins.

Elden ring Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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