The Elden Ring Eldenlands overhaul mod takes inspiration from traditional RPGs and MMOs

An interesting new overarching mod has been made available for the PC version of FromSoftware’s Souls title, Elden Ring Eldenlands.

Created by modder ‘Muugiboy’, this mod aims to turn Elden Ring into a traditional MMO and RPG by overhauling the game system. In addition, they contain many quality of life changes as well as balance changes. This is what the moderator writes on Nexusmods:

Eldenlands aims more at overhauling the game with the goal of creating a spin-off that uses the Elden Ring engine and the entire world of Elden Ring and Dark Souls, rather than just improving the game as I see fit, if you want to join my journey I port the whole game to a brand new version of itself, with corrections so regular that you’ll have no idea what to expect, but will just go in for the surprise.”

We’ve included some of the major system changes down below:

Major system changes Elden Ring Elderlands Mod

  • The way you build the game has completely changed. Instead of trying to mix and match the best things to get the highest DPS, you now have a higher advantage by making your character truly fit for a role. This is because things in the game get more powerful when used in combination with other similar things. For example, you can make your character fully fit the Snow Witch trait, and be just as powerful as someone using a full Hemorrhage construct.
  • All of the starter classes in the game have been completely reworked with the intention of making them fit a specific theme or role taken from MMOs. For example, each class now has a starting item and a basic specialization that puts them on the path to fulfilling their role. For example, the ‘Support’ class has access to a fixed treatment field that gives a fixed percentage-based treatment but at the cost of reducing the maximum support focus points to just 40% of the original value.
  • Most unique drops and trucks in the world have been completely replaced, including all Ash Scarabs, who now drop War Ashes that correspond to affinity based on the region they are in. For example, basically all scarabs on the Altus Plateau drop sacred ashes of war and lightning. Or another example is that most magic is obtained in spell books rather than being found on Earth. This is to encourage the player to explore everything on the map again and try to get to the game 100% as there is brand new and replaced content across The Lands Between, creating the sense that you are once again blind and all your knowledge and notes to guide you are gone.
  • All unique merchants in the world now have completely reworked shops, and they will also sell you new items as you progress through their missions.
  • Each individual status effect has been or will be completely reworked, and has a different effect. For example, Bleed actually causes them to bleed, Scarlet Rot permanently lowers their physical and fire defense, and Black Flame lasts indefinitely while also piling up and dealing fixed damage instead of a percentage.
  • The Spirit Summon system has been completely changed. All spirit summons can only be used by obtaining the TALISMAN spirit call bell, but can be used anywhere in the outer world area including evergaols. Multiple soul summons have also been replaced, and are now placed into three different categories that determine cost. “High health cost”, “Medium health cost”, “High health cost”. This determines which characters can use which summon.

It’s definitely an interesting project that Elden Ring fans who have completed the game will probably appreciate. Those interested can download the mod here.

Elden Ring is now available globally for PC and consoles. FromSoftware’s hit title was released back in February last year and was an amazing success for developer and publisher Bandai Namco. After several rumors of DLC arriving at the title, FromSofrware officially revealed the Erdtree expansion late last month.

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