The Elden Ring Bug allows Malinia to take revenge on the players after her death

An infuriating glitch makes the victory of dropping the toughest boss in the Elden Ring feel sad for the one player who defeated Malinia, Blade of Mikaela.

frustrated Elden ring The mistake allows Malinia, Blade of Mikaela, to take revenge on the player who killed her. Elden ring It can be an infuriating game with many surprises and bosses that can take down the player in just a few hits. What could be more frustrating is having to deal with bugs, especially after dealing with one of the many challenging challenges the game has to present to the player. This is what happened to one player just as they beat their toughest boss Elden ring.

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Malenia’s first stage, Blade of Miquella, can be a tough battle to tackle on its own, and while many players like to show off their skills by killing her in the worst of circumstances, some players find it difficult to even get past Malenia’s infamous Waterfowl Dance Attack. It gets worse in her second stage, Goddess of Rot, where she can inflict the player with Scarlet Rot among her other attacks. However, once she died, she left a giant blooming flower that is part of Millicent’s quest line, using the Untainted Gold Needle on it to receive Miquella’s Needle and the Somber Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone.

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It was this big blooming flower that one of the players had a problem with. Posting on r/Eldenring, user SaxonSabre uploaded a photo of them sitting in the flower Malenia leaves, saying they somehow managed to carve it out and don’t look like they got out of it. No matter what they tried to do, whether it was turning around or withdrawing and reloading back into the game, their character was still stuck in the flower. This isn’t an isolated incident, as all too often players or enemies like Caelid’s Giant Dog find themselves trapped in places they shouldn’t be.

Many in the comments showed support, trying to find ways to help the player out of his predicament. Some recommended using a sacred twig, while others said to equip the hunter’s ring so that the player will be pulled into another world. While they would appreciate the support, at this moment nothing seems to be working. This isn’t the only frustrating bug with Malenia, as she has been plagued with bizarre mistakes like murder Elden ring Players immediately enter her arena, making the game’s hardest boss an even more infuriating experience for some.

Elden ring It can be one of the worst games to get a bug in, as its many challenges are already hard enough, ensuring that problems outside of a player’s control can be very frustrating. While some of these bugs can be beneficial to the player, such as Mohg dying after getting stuck in a wall, not all of them will be beneficial. Hopefully, the player can find a way out of the flower, but with the wild nature of the bugs, there’s no telling if that will happen.

Elden ring Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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