The best Fire type Pokemon designs

Since its inception in 1996, Pokemon It captivated players with the designs of the Pokémon that inhabit its world. across nine generations Pokemonthe artists at Game Freak have created some of the most creative Pokemon – from the mascot Pikachu to the latest batch of Pokemon in Pokemon scarlet and violet;.

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It’s hard to choose just one type, especially when there are so many different types. However, the Fire type is arguably one of the most popular in the series to capture and train while adventuring. Plus, they have some of the most creative designs in the entire franchise.

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10 Ninetales


An important evolutionary leap from Vulpix, Ninetales has a simple yet mysterious design. Their creation is based on the divine foxes Kitsune which are an important part of Japanese folklore and culture. Like Ninetales, Kitsune can grow up to nine tails, and when they achieve this feat, their fur turns white gold, which explains this design choice. In his Pokedex entry for Pokemon RubyNinetales is said to “cast an evil light from her bright red eyes to completely control the minds of her enemies”, which would support the idea that Kitsune can take on spiritual forms.

Rather than make Ninetales an overly complex mythical creature, Game Freak instead chose to create a somewhat elegant fox-like Pokémon to encapsulate the essence of Kitsune in its design. As for imprinting, the faded orange tips of their tails and striking red eyes evoke visions of fire, as do their tails when raised behind them like roaring fire in battle.

9 Arcanine and Hisuian Arcanine

Arcanine and Hisuian Arcanine

Unlike Rapidash, Arcanine’s shaggy, fire-like fur performs the same task of representing writing with fire. As for his Hisuian form, his coat darkens and resembles billowing smoke rather than a rocky mane and fur. Having adapted to the volcanic environment of the Hisui region, Hisuian Arcanine design is associated with Japanese statues depicting Shisa and Komainu, otherwise known as lion dogs.

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The only species classified in the “Legendary Pokémon” category, Arcanine’s ferocity and dexterity have been admired since the past for their beauty, such as the Pokedex’s entry in Pokemon Red is reading. in Pokemon WayIts “magnificent bark is said to convey a sense of majesty” that makes people “grumble before it”. These qualities can be seen in his design, which resembles a tiger mixed with dogs, and his guard-like nature like the Shisa or Komainu.

8 Charger and Mega Charger X

Charger and Mega Charger X

since her days Pokemon Reds The mascot, Charizard has been one of the most popular Pokemon among players. Apart from its strength in battle, its popularity lends itself to the integrity of its brutal design. While Charizard isn’t blessed with dragon typing, it does make up for it in its looks.

The Pokémon’s dragon-like qualities are more prominent in the designs of Mega Evolutions, particularly Mega Charizard Y. But Mega Charizard X’s black skin, blue flames, and prominent horns make it a better design overall. It’s also honored to type dragon while in this form, using the Pokemon’s full potential (if only temporarily).

7 Houndoom and Mega Houndoom

Houndoom and Mega Houndoom

The Houndoom looks like it came straight from hell thanks to its design, which includes ram-like horns, a forked tail, skeletal-like protrusions across its body, and a skull-shaped necklace on its chest. This infernal appearance is further exemplified by its massive, evolved form, with skeletal features turning the bones white, horns curling up, tail becoming forked, and the addition of a massive breast plate with more horns.

In addition to its dark appearance, its “terrifying howl” made people think it was a Grim Reaper, according to several Pokedex entries. However, its design is not inspired by the personification of death. Instead, Houndoom is based on the legendary Hell as well as Cerberus, the Greek guardian of the underworld.

6 Heatmore


Based on an anteater, Heatmor’s design imagines what would happen if this creature was exposed to molten lava. Its long, thin tongue had changed into a faint flicker of flame, and its body seemed to be made of volcanic rock with molten lava running through it.

Unlike the anteater’s bushy tail, Heatmore has a short, cylindrical-shaped vent that helps it produce fire by drawing air through it, according to a Pokedex entry in Pokemon Sword. “If the hole is plugged, this Pokemon will get sick,” the message reads.

5 talonflame


Talonflame is the first outdoor Fire/Flying Legends like Moltres and Ho-Oh to resemble a bird. Its design is relatively simple, inspired by the peregrine falcon while sharing traits with the Firebird from Slavic mythology.

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But how these effects were tweaked to flesh out her writing makes Talonflame one of Fire’s best designs. Its red-orange wings resemble tendrils of flame as it descends to the black tips of its wings, as does its body. Talonflame’s design also maintains the Fletchinder’s pre-evolution design by switching the colors of its striped cut from white to yellow.

4 Centiskorch


For some, centipedes are terrifying creatures. But Game Freak found a way to make it look less menacing and more badass with its Centiskorch. This Pokemon is still intimidating with its flame antennas and violent disposition. Still, there’s a lot to admire about the Centiskorch, particularly the contrast of reds, yellows, and oranges in its design—particularly in the circular heat coils on each part of its body.

In Gigantamaxed form, Centiskorch increases in size with more sectors and up to 100 men. This could lend to the Pokémon being based on the Ōmukade, a legendary centipede from Japanese folklore that can “grow to gigantic proportions”, with the largest having the ability to “wrap itself around mountain ranges”.

3 dazzling


Salazzle’s name may suggest that his design is a poison/fire-emitting salamander. But since only Salandit females have the ability to evolve into this form, the Salazzle line appears to be based on whiptail lizards. Found in New Mexico, this species maintains a group of females only through the process of parthenogenesis – meaning it is asexual and can reproduce without the need for a male.

Unlike whiptails, the Salazzle design selects a thinner, more slender lizard that displays its double writing through its dark purple, black, and pink markings. Salazzle may also be based on the legendary Hawaiian dragon known as Mo’o. This guardian spirit can change and appear as “beautiful maidens or water dragons”. Protector spirits will appear “in the form of reptiles twelve to thirty feet long, black as night, shimmering in the water.” […] When fires were lit on altars near their homes.

2 Chandler


Chandelure is stunningly charming in its design, which sees a group of bluish-purple flames possessing a chandelier. Of course, the ghostly effect of a group of spirits that possess an inanimate object is not uncommon in the Pokemon world. However, something about Chandelure makes it more attractive.

There is a possibility that Chandelure takes inspiration from Hitodama, fireballs said to be the spirits of the dead in Japanese folklore. Described as “souls of visible humans separated from their host bodies”, this would be identical Pokemon Black 2 And Pokemon White 2 Pokedex entry which says that flames contain souls that have lost “their way and wander this world forever”. This could also be an explanation for the ghosts of Chōchin-obake paper lanterns in Japanese folklore.

1 Allan Marouk

Allan Marouk

The design of the Alolan Marowak is an example of preserving the image of a beloved Pokémon while mounting it in a new environment. Game Freak does this by embracing coupon traditions and Hawaiian legends inspired by Alola.

Now resembling a skeleton and possessing a bone lit up in green flame (which is said to be the vengeful spirit of his mother), the Alolan Marowak’s design is a combination of a Samoan fire dancer and the Polynesian concept of mana – “a spiritual essence found in all things and people”. The way her bones rotate in battle is also reminiscent of those of the Nightmarchers, “ghostly apparitions” who are “often identified by raised torches, oils, and repeated chants”.

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