Beekeeper Xandra Helbers provides beehives on top of a pavilion at Adelaide Showground

High above the hum of traffic in a suburb of Adelaide, Wayville, some 50,000-70,000 bees are buzzing. Xandra Helbers is the third beekeeper to manage the beehives on the roof of the show grounds – a responsibility she took on amid the COVID pandemic. “Not everyone can have a beehive in their yard… so by … Read more

Almond industry heads towards self-fertilizing future as varroa mite biosecurity threat is analysed

A Sunraysia farmer “thanks his lucky stars” for producing a commercial almond crop this year during the Varroa mite outbreak in New South Wales, after planting hundreds of self-fertilizing almond trees. Most important points: No permit is required for moving beehives in and out of Sunraysia There is still a ban on interstate bee movements … Read more

Bee populations face multiple challenges as Varroa mite and La Niña make for a difficult spring

As spring flowers begin to bloom and temperatures rise, vulnerable bee populations are beginning to pop up for what will be their busiest time of year. La Nina But the predicted wet La Niña conditions could pose a challenge to bees searching for pollen among limited flowering plants, in their efforts to support healthy hives … Read more

Two months, 99 infected sites and still no answers about where the bee parasite’s varroa mite came from

Since the Varroa mite was found in Newcastle harbor two months ago, everyone from horticulturalists to large companies has been keeping a close eye on day-to-day developments. Now, 99 infected hive sites later, the threat of the deadly bee parasite persists to the $70 million-a-year Australian honey industry and the industries that rely on pollination. … Read more

Varroa mite detected in Coffs Harbor blueberry orchard in 43rd case since outbreak began

Beekeepers on the NSW Mid North Coast are the last to prepare to destroy their hives after the discovery of Varroa mite in hives on a blueberry farm. Most important points: NSW Apiarists Association president Steve Fuller says the outbreak will affect 15 beekeepers in the area There are concerns about the impact on the … Read more

Backyard beekeeping raises warning against honey industry varroa mite

Backyard beekeeping is booming, but with the world’s worst bee parasite on our doorstep, can well-meaning enthusiasts bring down Queensland’s honey industry? Most important points: Commercial honey industry is concerned about the spread of Varroa mite from backyard beehives Recreational beekeepers are urged to register their hives with Biosecurity Queensland A Toowoomba Lavender Farm has … Read more