Napa’s most vibrant residents aren’t oenophiles, they’re bees

Drop the corkscrew and get away from the bottle of Georges de Latour Private Reserve – there’s a better way to buzz in Napa. Lord knows that Northern California’s prosperous wine country is teeming with wasps, but are you familiar with the real honeybees? It’s crawling. Close your eyes for a meditative moment, activate your … Read more

Rwanda: beekeepers weigh in on how to boost honey production

With honey production in the country still low compared to demand, beekeepers are proposing different ways to solve the shortage. One of the major investments needed to increase honey production is to produce environmentally friendly pesticides, as the chemical pesticides currently used kill the bees and consequently reduce honey production, Elias Uwizeyimana, a beekeeper from … Read more

Lake Tarapoto: Piranhas and pink dolphins lure visitors to this Colombian lake

(CNN) — Pink dolphins, piranhas and black caiman. It sounds like a legend, but in fact they are the inhabitants of a protected wetlands system in the Amazon, home to thousands of rare animal species and fascinating stories of tribal gods turning humans into dolphins. Storytelling is part of the culture for the indigenous groups … Read more