Rwanda: beekeepers weigh in on how to boost honey production

With honey production in the country still low compared to demand, beekeepers are proposing different ways to solve the shortage. One of the major investments needed to increase honey production is to produce environmentally friendly pesticides, as the chemical pesticides currently used kill the bees and consequently reduce honey production, Elias Uwizeyimana, a beekeeper from … Read more

Scientists have uncovered a ‘hidden’ global arachnid trade, with dire consequences

Scientists have discovered an extensive uncontrolled trade in spiders, scorpions and related species around the world. Many of these arachnids are wild-caught and threaten these spectacular beasts with potentially unsustainable harvesting practices. The team discovered spikes in interest in these animals during COVID lockdowns. “The trade in these groups exceeds millions of individuals,” conservation biologist … Read more