The Weather Network – University is building buzz for bees with cameras showing the world of hives

A set of cameras installed on the roof of a Brandon University building aims to generate buzz about bees and help pollinator knowledge take flight in southwestern Manitoba. The university has installed two cameras on the rooftop of the campus to provide a “beehive stream” from its two new European honey bee hives. MUST READ: … Read more

Napa’s most vibrant residents aren’t oenophiles, they’re bees

Drop the corkscrew and get away from the bottle of Georges de Latour Private Reserve – there’s a better way to buzz in Napa. Lord knows that Northern California’s prosperous wine country is teeming with wasps, but are you familiar with the real honeybees? It’s crawling. Close your eyes for a meditative moment, activate your … Read more

Female Hyena Has 8-Inch Clitoris, Plus More Animal Genital Trivia

The dolphin has one that is spiral-shaped and filled with shutters. The ring-tailed lemurs disappear and the opossum has three. Welcome to the wild, weird and woefully ignored world of animal vaginas. There are vaginas that look nothing like vaginas, such as the spider monkey’s pseudo-penis or the hyena’s 20 cm clitoral tube from which … Read more