Northern China’s Largest Freshwater Lake Reflects Conservation Benefits – Xinhua

* Weishan Lake, the largest freshwater lake in northern China, is also a hub of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal — a World Heritage Site. However, local traditional industries caused serious pollution in the lake. * In contrast to the overdeveloped fisheries in the past, the local government has developed a new model of ecological fish … Read more

Loktak Lake in Manipur: a Ramsar site in danger of falling into disrepair

There are several reasons for this, many of which are unrelated to the people who live there. For Oinam Rajen, 56, a fisherman who lives and earns his livelihood from Loktak Lake in Manipur, the water body and its wetland are an integral part of life and have been for generations. The same goes for … Read more

Woeful Fraser River sockeye run renews debate on fish farms

Record salmon yields are forecast this season along the entire west coast, with one notable exception: the Fraser River. In fact, the test fishing for the region is appalling and it has reopened the debate about the impact of fish farms that once populated the waters of Discovery Passage. Read more: Sockeye salmon concerns in … Read more

An Autumn Nature Almanac for Peterborough and the Kawarthas

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably happy with the arrival of fall. It’s a season that represents a fresh start, perhaps of long-standing associations to go back to school. It makes us feel more motivated and in many ways signals the real New Year. We enjoy the comfort of resuming our daily routines after … Read more

Oldest known human-bred hybrid animal was a ‘Kunga’

Four kunga skeletons lie on site in Umm el-Marra, SyriaPhoto: Glenn Schwartz / John Hopkins University. A team of geneticists, archaeologists and paleontologists believe that they have established the identity of an enigmatic equidae from ancient Mesopotamia. That animal is a kunga, which the researchers show was a cross between a female donkey and a … Read more