3 rescued dolphins swim free from Indonesia reserve

TOKYO: Three bottlenose dolphins were released Saturday into the open sea in Indonesia after years of being locked up for the amusement of tourists who would touch and swim with them.While red and white Indonesian flags flew, underwater gates opened off the island of Bali allowing Johnny, Rocky and Rambo to swim freely.The trio were … Read more

Sick dolphin calf improves with tube milk, helping hands

NEW DELHI: Eight Namibian cheetahs arrived in India on Saturday as part of an ambitious project to reintroduce the world’s fastest land animal to the South Asian country where it has been extinct for more than 70 years. Cheetahs, once found in large numbers in Africa and Asia, are facing extinction worldwide, with an estimated … Read more

Rwanda: beekeepers weigh in on how to boost honey production

With honey production in the country still low compared to demand, beekeepers are proposing different ways to solve the shortage. One of the major investments needed to increase honey production is to produce environmentally friendly pesticides, as the chemical pesticides currently used kill the bees and consequently reduce honey production, Elias Uwizeyimana, a beekeeper from … Read more

Let’s debunk this amazing potential

IT’s a beautiful image that burned into Dúlra’s mind last week – the crimson sun sinking below the low mountains of Tyrone, producing a kaleidoscope of color on the rippling expanse of Lough Neagh stretching 10 miles away. It was a breathtaking sight, although in reality it is not rare. Few of us ever get … Read more