Summit County beekeepers donate honey, offer bee classes

SUMMIT COUNTY, Ohio – A growing group of bee enthusiasts are looking beyond the snow to a time when bees awaken, hives come to life and honey flows. In the meantime, the Summit County Beekeepers Association has donated 100 pounds of honey to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank and will deploy its annual beginner beekeeping classes. … Read more

Sonoran Explorin’: My date with an anteater | Power function

click to enlarge (Jeff Gardner/Submitted) Emily Dieckman feeds Nico the Anteater at the Reid Park Zoo. Some people may think it ridiculous to be afraid of anteaters. To those people I would first say, “‘Well, have you ever seen how weird an anteater looks?” and then “Yeah, I agree it’s ridiculous.” My anteater phobia started … Read more

Andfjord Salmon: Fish thrive in the pool | Financial results second quarter and half year 2022

15.9.2022 07:00:01 CEST | Andfjord Salmon | Semi-Annual Financial Reports and Audit Reports / Limited Reviews The second quarter of this year was very eventful for Andfjord Salmon, highlighted by the first smolt release and a significant strengthening of the company’s balance sheet. Today, the fish thrives in the pool and its survival rate currently … Read more

Royal beekeeper has informed the Queen’s bees that HM has passed away and that King Charles is their new boss

The royal beekeeper – in a mysterious tradition dating back centuries – informed the beehives in the grounds of Buckingham Palace and Clarence House of the Queen’s death. And the bees have also been told in hushed tones that their new master is now King Charles III. The official Palace beekeeper, John Chapple, 79, told … Read more

Pacific news in brief for September 8

Tongan housing plan, fisherman shooting investigation and Samoa to make deals with international airlines PM says house building for Tonga eruption victims has begun The Tongan prime minister says 70 percent of the homes needed for victims of the January 15 volcano and tsunami event have been purchased, with construction already underway. That includes construction … Read more

Dolphins’ playful social habits form bonds, but spread the virus

article FILE-This photo shows dolphins off the coasts of Port-Leucate on March 3, 2022. (Photo by RAYMOND ROIG/AFP via Getty Images) REEDVILLE, Va. – Three young male dolphins simultaneously break the water’s surface to breathe – first exhale, then inhale – before sliding back under the waves of Chesapeake Bay. “A perfect synchronization,” said Janet … Read more

How New York Farm Breweries Get a Boost

With New York’s $3 billion-a-year craft beer boom, hop growers — and farm breweries — are seeing a boost as the state continues to promote locally grown ingredients. Chad Meigs is holding a bine from his hop field. (Emily Kenny/Spectrum News 1) Critz Farms in Madison County, owned and operated by Matthew and Juanita Critz, … Read more

Rwanda: beekeepers weigh in on how to boost honey production

With honey production in the country still low compared to demand, beekeepers are proposing different ways to solve the shortage. One of the major investments needed to increase honey production is to produce environmentally friendly pesticides, as the chemical pesticides currently used kill the bees and consequently reduce honey production, Elias Uwizeyimana, a beekeeper from … Read more

Birds and the Bees: Manunui Honey

Bees save birds in an indigenous wilderness in Raetihi in central North Island. Beekeeper and founder of Manunui Honey, Blake Cole is also an avid conservationist who monitors kiwis and captures and eradicates pests. Manunui, meaning ‘abundant birds’, is the name given to 250 acres of restored native shrubland that provide refuge for a wide … Read more