J&K make the land of milk and honey

srinagar: The current government campaign to revolutionize agriculture, horticulture and irrigation system and promote supporting activities such as mushrooms, beekeeping, fisheries, dairy, small ruminants, poultry farming and forestry in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) promises the land of milk and make honey. This campaign was long needed to fully exploit the rich potential of this ‘Paradise … Read more

When Alyson’s father died, she got a new buzz from an amazing discovery in her garden

In a pink beekeeping outfit and boots adorned with honeybees, Alyson Shepherd inspects the beehives in her Daisy Hill home under the watchful eye of the resident magpie. There are ornaments, solar lights and small plaques with positive messages, placed in every nook and cranny of the garden. It’s a life far removed from the … Read more

Beekeeper Xandra Helbers provides beehives on top of a pavilion at Adelaide Showground

High above the hum of traffic in a suburb of Adelaide, Wayville, some 50,000-70,000 bees are buzzing. Xandra Helbers is the third beekeeper to manage the beehives on the roof of the show grounds – a responsibility she took on amid the COVID pandemic. “Not everyone can have a beehive in their yard… so by … Read more

Where to Buy Rare Blue or Purple Honey in North Carolina

“It’s no secret that this honey is so rare,” says Jody Taylor, owner of Taylorboys Outdoors. Taylor got purple honey for the first time last August, after six years of beekeeping (and seriously three years, he said). His store sold out almost immediately after he posted about it on their Facebook page. Thanks to Jody … Read more

Wildlife recovery project leads to cold fusion honey business for beekeepers in Sunshine Coast

When Leisa and Tony Sams bought a farm and reconnected the forest land that had been divided for a century, they never imagined where it would lead them. Seven years later, they produce an award-winning range of pure raw honey infused with flavors such as organic ginger, turmeric, lemon myrtle, rose petals, chili, cinnamon, lavender, … Read more

The buzz about beekeeping | lifestyle

A hive frame filled with bees. The frame keeps the honeycomb in the hive. Photos Courtesy of Hing Family Apiary For the Hing family of Naples, beekeeping began with Kylene Hing exploring new ways that are fun and educational experiences for her two homeschooled children, Kiana and Gabriel. Kylene found a 4-H Beekeeping and Gardening … Read more

10 tips for new beekeepers

4. You need some equipment. You will see many videos of beekeepers casually pouring handfuls of bees into a hive with no glove or veil, or dropping the top of a hive without protection. They just show off. I tried to peek into my beehive without gloves and was promptly chased across the yard by … Read more

Varroa mite detected in Coffs Harbor blueberry orchard in 43rd case since outbreak began

Beekeepers on the NSW Mid North Coast are the last to prepare to destroy their hives after the discovery of Varroa mite in hives on a blueberry farm. Most important points: NSW Apiarists Association president Steve Fuller says the outbreak will affect 15 beekeepers in the area There are concerns about the impact on the … Read more

Bird Island’s beekeepers have a sweet passion for bees and their honey – West Central Tribune

BIRD ISLAND — In the three years that Bird Island’s Russ Koopman has been breeding honeybees, he has learned some important things. “There are three things that are certain in beekeeping,” Russ said. “One, you get sticky fingers. Two, you get stung. And three, some of your bees will die.” Russ and his wife, Sharon, … Read more