Dolphin Marine Conservation Park will no longer breed dolphins in captivity

A popular maritime tourist attraction has announced it will no longer breed dolphins, making the five dolphins in the pools in NSW the last generation in captivity in the state. Most important points: NSW marine park says it will focus on education and rehabilitation rather than breeding Animal welfare NGO World Animal Protection calls on … Read more

Whales are on the move and Cork and Kerry are great places for whale watching

the anticipation; watching the water intently, hoping for a glimpse of a whale – all part of the excitement of whale watching. When someone sees a fin, everyone on board wants to see it. Whales are the largest creatures on Earth, and knowing there is one so close, just below the surface, is an indescribable … Read more

Dolphin breeding a complicated venture for zoos, aquariums – Chicago Tribune

When Brookfield Zoo employees learned that three of their bottlenose dolphins were pregnant, many planned their vacation early in anticipation of help with the December births. Their eagerness gave way to disappointment last month as they now await results from necropsies — animal autopsies — to determine the cause of death for two of the … Read more