Review predicts major impact of climate change on some marine mammals

Friday September 16, 2022, 8:56 AMPress release: Department of Conservation A new report from the Department of Conservation predicts that climate change could have a major impact on some marine mammals in New Zealand. Co-authored by Jim Roberts, Anemone Consultants, and Hannah Hendriks, DOC’s Marine Technical Advisor, the research paper examines climate change in relation … Read more

China lost its Yangtze river dolphin. Next Climate Change Comes For Other Species

CNN — They called it the “Goddess of the Yangtze” – a creature so rare that it was thought to bring fortune and protection to local fishermen and all those lucky enough to spot it. But due to overfishing and human activity, it was on the brink of extinction and hasn’t been seen for decades. … Read more

Piedmont awarded for efforts to prevent climate change

piedmont The City of Piedmont has been awarded the Institute of Local Governments Beacon Spotlight Award for Best Practices in Platinum Level Sustainability. The city was awarded for going beyond government mandates and highlighting creative and local solutions for tackling climate sustainability in 10 areas. Those areas include plans to build an all-electric community pool; … Read more

The Surreal Abundance of Alaska’s Permafrost Farms

In 2010, Brad St. Pierre and his wife, Christine, moved from California to Fairbanks, Alaska, to work as farmers. “People thought we were crazy,” Brad said. “They said, ‘Can you grow things in Alaska?’ Their new home, not far from where Christine grew up, was as far north as Reykjavík, Iceland, and gets about two … Read more