To keep it cool and safe

Tomoki Masuda ANN/JAPAN NEWS – Zoos and aquariums across the country are re-examining how they care for the animals and how visitors are allowed to interact with the animals, to reduce the stress of the animals in captivity. These efforts stem from the concept of animal welfare, which emphasizes that animals should live in their … Read more

China lost its Yangtze river dolphin. Next Climate Change Comes For Other Species

CNN — They called it the “Goddess of the Yangtze” – a creature so rare that it was thought to bring fortune and protection to local fishermen and all those lucky enough to spot it. But due to overfishing and human activity, it was on the brink of extinction and hasn’t been seen for decades. … Read more

Scientists have uncovered a ‘hidden’ global arachnid trade, with dire consequences

Scientists have discovered an extensive uncontrolled trade in spiders, scorpions and related species around the world. Many of these arachnids are wild-caught and threaten these spectacular beasts with potentially unsustainable harvesting practices. The team discovered spikes in interest in these animals during COVID lockdowns. “The trade in these groups exceeds millions of individuals,” conservation biologist … Read more

Oldest known human-bred hybrid animal was a ‘Kunga’

Four kunga skeletons lie on site in Umm el-Marra, SyriaPhoto: Glenn Schwartz / John Hopkins University. A team of geneticists, archaeologists and paleontologists believe that they have established the identity of an enigmatic equidae from ancient Mesopotamia. That animal is a kunga, which the researchers show was a cross between a female donkey and a … Read more

Female Hyena Has 8-Inch Clitoris, Plus More Animal Genital Trivia

The dolphin has one that is spiral-shaped and filled with shutters. The ring-tailed lemurs disappear and the opossum has three. Welcome to the wild, weird and woefully ignored world of animal vaginas. There are vaginas that look nothing like vaginas, such as the spider monkey’s pseudo-penis or the hyena’s 20 cm clitoral tube from which … Read more

In the effort to save the beloved Texas horned lizard

This story originally ran There were once Texas horned lizards in much of the state: crouching reptiles the color of rusty red and gray gravel, heads crowned with a fan of sharp little horns. Known as “horny toads,” the 5-inch lizards have been immortalized in magnets, murals, and even as TCU’s mascot. They were … Read more