Stranger Things 4: 27 unanswered questions that will keep you up at night

July 7, 2022, 9:34 PM | Updated: July 7, 2022, 9:54 PM

What’s under Lucas’ bed? Where’s Murray? WHAT HAPPENED TO DR. OWEN?

As the penultimate season of the series (season 5 will be the last), Stranger Things 4 delivered on the promise that answers to questions we’ve had since 2016 will finally be revealed.

From the fate of the other Hawkins lab kids to the truth behind Dr. Brenner, season 4 spoiled us with big reveals.

Of course, with Strange Things 5 poised to continue the mayhem and destruction that the Season 4 storyline left us, there’s no doubt we’ll get plenty of answers to all the lingering questions about Vecna, the history of the Upside Down, and how Will Byers is connected to the whole thing.

Until then, there are plenty of other unanswered questions from Season 4 that we still can’t think of… Where’s Murray? What happened to Eddie’s body? How did Hopper and Joyce finally get back from Russia?!

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Stranger Things 4: 27 unanswered questions that will keep you up at night

Stranger Things 4: 27 unanswered questions that will keep you up at night.

Image: Netflix

1) How did Henry Creel get his powers?

It all started with 001, so the answer to this question will no doubt feed into the final season’s big reveals. But seriously, where did his powers actually come from? And how was Brenner able to replicate them in others?

2) When did the Upside Down turn into Hawkins? And who made it?

Ok, so we now know that the Upside Down already existed when Henry was banished/sent through the gate that ripped open Elf in the lab. He explored the landscape, molding the black smoke into the spider-shaped Mind Flayer we know today… but how did that wasteland end up as a mirrored version of Hawkins? Was that Vecna’s intention? Or was that somehow… Will’s doing?

3) Does the Upside Down exist elsewhere? How far and wide does the Upside Down extend?

Does it cover the entire state of Indiana? The whole country? WORLDWIDE?!

4) Why is the Upside Down stuck in 1983?

The importance of the time in the Upside Down being stuck on the exact date Will went missing clearly means it has everything to do with him, right? But why? And how? The Duffer brothers have already confirmed that Season 5 will cover this exact plot thread, so we think we’ll just theorize about what the hell it could mean for the next two years. Plenty of time to get your theories in order!

5) Why does Vecna ​​only target teens?

We know that Vecna ​​has killed adults in the past, such as killing his own mother and also trying to kill his father. We also know that he can hear and feel the thoughts and feelings of adults, which we saw when he was looking for his next victim in that weird red smoke world. But why did his master plan include the deaths of four teenagers? Were they just easier to kill?

6) Where has Vecna ​​gone?

I don’t know about you, but Vecna ​​looked pretty dead as he lay on the floor and went up in flames. Did the Upside Down absorb him? Did he get up and run away? Did the Mind Flayer scoop him up and take him away? I’m stressed.

7) Does Vecna ​​control the Mind Flayer? Or does the Mind Flayer control Vecna?

Maybe it’s a collaboration? Maybe they are the co-chairs of the Upside Down and they take turns starting the shifts?

8) What is the meaning of the gate erupting on the library?

Is it just because it’s in the middle of Hawkins? Or is there actually some sort of meaning to that exact location? In case you forgot, that’s where the Demogorgon dragged Will’s body and where Joyce and Hopper found him—and dead Barb, RIP—in Season 1.

Stranger Things 4: Vecna's gate opens at the library, where Will was found in the Upside Down

Stranger Things 4: Vecna’s gate opens at the library, where Will was found in the Upside Down.

Image: Netflix

9) What were the Russians actually up to with the Demogorgon? And all those demo dogs? And the Mind Flayer particles?!

They couldn’t have just been to their own personal prison fight club, could they? Did they breed them? They grow?! Build an army?!

10) Did Yuri return all that money to Joyce?

So the last we saw of that $40k, Yuri was counting it at his desk while Joyce and Murray were drinking spiked coffee. He had to at least give some of the money back, right?

11) What happened to Joyce’s house in Lenora and all of the Byers’ possessions?

Does Joyce even know that her house was completely destroyed by the military? Was her house completely destroyed all week, doors unlocked? Will the Byers ever get their stuff back? Right now material possessions probably don’t matter to Joyce, but these answers matter to ME.

12) How did they actually get back from Russia? WHAT HAPPENED IN THOSE TWO DAYS?

I’m dead serious, I need a full itinerary of their return trip. It’s not funny. How far has Katinka managed to fly? Did they stop to refuel? How did they get back into US airspace without being shot down by the government? Where did they land? Where did they go after that? Are Hopper and Joyce finally at ~ . comereunite~ at some point on the return journey okay? Yes, several questions. It seems that we shall use our imagination.

13) What happened to Yuri, Murray and Dmitri/Enzo?

Forget all those questions about Vecna, we need to know where Yuri, Murray and Dmitri went after they landed back in the US. We assume Yuri stayed in Alaska, but Murray? Did he go home? Did he take Dmitri with him? Did Owens’ people arrange Dmitri with a visa or something? WHERE ARE THEY????

Stranger Things 4: What happened to Murray and Enzo?

Stranger Things 4: What happened to Murray and Enzo?

Image: Netflix

14) If there’s a time jump, how long will they just leave Max in that hospital?

Theorizing about how long the reported season 5 time jump will be is fun, until you realize it months and months is about to die while Max is still in a coma in that hospital bed. The Duffer brothers have been teasing a possible time jump, but they’ve also been teasing that season 5 will jump right back into the action. Anyway, poor Max.

15) What happened to Eddie’s body?

Sorry to bring back devastating memories of Eddie’s tragic death, but ummmm, what happened to his body? Did they just… Did they leave him upside down? 🙁

16) How did everyone react to Eddie’s death?

That “Two Days Later” time jump is the real villain of the show, honestly. Dustin was the only character we actually saw mourn Eddie’s death, but what about Steve, Nancy and Robin? How did they react? How did they comfort Dustin when they found him? Does Mike even know? Justice for Eddie!

17) How did Dustin, Steve, Nancy and Robin escape the Upside Down and return to Hawkins?

Since the gates they used to climb through have now turned into huge fissures in the earth on both the Upside Down and the Rightside Up, could they just climb through or something?

18) Were Enzos destroyed in the “earthquake”?

If Hopper doesn’t get his hands on those breadsticks soon, you shall hear from my lawyer.

19) What’s under Lucas’ bed?

Unmask him, Erica!

20) Why didn’t Vecna ​​show Ted Wheeler in Nancy’s vision?

Nancy listed every member of her family she saw in those visions and not her own father? Wow, even Vecna ​​doesn’t even care enough about Ted Wheeler to kill him, apparently.

21) Why did Karen Wheeler have her own poster?

Karen Wheeler finally got her own poster this season, leading fans to believe she would get a more prominent role, but in the end she didn’t. The only explanation: she is an icon, she is a legend and she is the moment. Her perm was just too iconic to ignore in the promo photos.


Not really. I do not want to know. I can’t afford to sob uncontrollably for another 48 hours.

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Stranger Things 4: What was in Max's letters?

Stranger Things 4: What was in Max’s letters?

Image: Netflix

23) Can Elf suddenly bring people back to life?

Obviously, we’ll get an answer to this revelation in Season 5, so all we can do now is theorize, speculate, and spiral. Something about those happy memories clearly saved Max’s life, similar to the way they saved both El and Max from Vecna’s attacks in the past… But how?

24) Does Sullivan Still Want To Kill Eleven?

I’m sorry but if this man still does Elf want to die after all that’s happened? She wasn’t even in Hawkins when all this happened! It wasn’t her! Leave her alone! Find work!

25) What happened to Argyle?

Did anyone else notice that in that last scene they just let him roam the woods collecting mushrooms? What will happen to him now? Will he stay in Hawkins? Will he drive back home? Will he ever see Suzie’s sister again?

26) Why does Kali/008 have different powers than the other children?

At the very top of our wish list for Season 5? The return of Kali and an explanation of why her mind-manipulative powers are so vastly different from any other child in Brenner’s program. The fact that the powers of both she and Eleven together are the same as those of 001/Vecna? there is Surely there something more.


WHERE IS HE?!??!?!?

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