St. Landry Parish Animal Control Wants Dog Breeder Restrictions

Starting Wednesday, St. Landry Parish government officials will begin exploring rural parish communities to explain a revised animal control ordinance that proposes stricter regulation of commercial breeding activities across the parish.

The ordinance, which has been reviewed by parish council members and made available to the public on the parish government’s website, could be introduced next month, according to parish president Jessie Bellard.

However, parish council members have not discussed aspects of the ordinance at committee or regular meetings since Bellard and parish attorneys began drafting the 37-page ordinance earlier this year.

According to the parish government website, the ordinance is still under review and was drafted by a committee, with input from animal rights activists.

The regulation also covers animal nuisance, confiscation of small animals, rabies control, livestock, animal abuse and neglect, dangerous and cruel animals and the handling of complaints.

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