‘She-Hulk’: Patty Guggenheim On Bringing Madisynn To Life

Have you heard? Madisynn has taken the Marvel Cinematic Universe by storm – and that’s Madisynn with one Y and two N’s, but it’s not where you thiiiink. The breakthrough character from Marvel Studios’ Episode 4 She-Hulk, played by Patty Guggenheim, is the perfect foil for the righteous green attorney Jennifer Walters as well as TV binging buddy and Sorcerer Supreme, Wong. Does she remember where she lives? No! And that doesn’t stop her from stealing every scene she’s in.

Marvel.com jumped on a video chat with Guggenheim to talk all about Marvel and Madisynn. She also has big ideas about where Madisynn might go – she explains that she currently lives in Chris Hemsworth’s old apartment and jokes, “I think it would be nice to do something with Thor. Just because I’m in that world, but also because I want to give him his post.”

But what about watching TV with Wongers and the recent Madisynn memes? Dive into the full interview below

Marvel.com: The most important question right now is: how does it feel to be everyone’s new favorite Marvel character?

Patty Guggenheim: I don’t think I’ve fully digested what that means. It feels nice to know that something I did resonates with people on a few different levels. First of all, people are now excited about life in general, people just want to be present. I feel like people see themselves in her because she falls into this world and then hangs out with the Sorcerer Supreme. It was really nice to hear people’s excitement about her and the memes are hilarious.

Marvel.com: Back to the beginning, how did you first get involved? She-Hulk and Madisynn?

Patty Guggenheim: Kat Coiro [who directed Episode 4], and I had been working on a show together… so she knew about me for this part. She called me in and I auditioned via video chat and that’s how I came into this world. [It was] during the pandemic and you audition for video chat and you never know what is going to happen. In one of the last takes, my cat jumped on the desk and was in the scene with me. [Laughs] It was fun getting my cat involved.

Marvel.com: What’s your cat’s name?

Patty Guggenheim: JW Stink.

Marvel.com: Oh, that’s a good name.

Patty Guggenheim: He’s a good cat. He has a lot of personality.

Marvel.com: What was your first reaction to Madisynn when you first read the scripts?

Patty Guggenheim: [Her description in the script] was the key to everything. [In the script it said] “always a problem” and it triggered something in me. I find all episodes very funny in a unique way. This episode really touched me so deeply. I eventually got to know the writer, Melissa Hunter. When I found out she had written it, I thought: Oh my God. We spoke and she was excited that it was someone she knew and I was excited that it was someone I knew. I was just blown away. She’s brilliant. Then [head writer] Jessica Gao and Kat, I just felt like it was such a good combination of brilliant minds bringing something to life.

Marvel.com: It’s hard not to notice that so much of the team behind the scenes with She-Hulk is feminine. What was it like in such an environment?

Patty Guggenheim: It was really fun. You feel like [there’s] a shorthand with communication, and especially working with Kat…it allowed us to play a lot. It was just a really playful environment, which can also feel rare and fun. I like seeing women, directors of showrunners, producers, like they were really there and looking out for you, to look at you, which was really nice.

Marvel.com: How did you work with the creative team to locate Madisynn’s exact word announcement? Every line you say as her is just the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

Patty Guggenheim: I just went to a place where I was in a lot of different situations, you know, like in college or a tipsy lady. I think when you see something on the page it’s like, “Madisynn with two N’s and one Y, but it’s not where you think.” There were even extra I’s in the word [in the script]. You say, ‘yes, I know who this is.’ cat really let me [expand]. We would do it a few times and then she said just do as much as you want. I think freedom gives you places to explore. It gives you the chance to discover things you don’t intend to.

Marvel.com: Do you have a favorite line that gets read out of everything? The internet has clearly picked its favourites, but do you have a favourite?

Patty Guggenheim: I like that one line that’s like, “Oh yeah. I sure will.” And then the last scene with Wong, he said “yak milk” because that was all improvised. He said “yak milk” and I almost lost it. And the way he says it, and is so confident about this delicious drink mix, and I’m like, “You got that here?”

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