Renovated fish auction hall, floating jetties proposed in Budget

Techno-economic feasibility study to be conducted to set up a mini fish landing center in Panihittu

Techno-economic feasibility study to be conducted to set up a mini fish landing center in Panihittu

In a series of measures aimed at the well-being of the fishermen, Prime Minister N. Rangasamy announced the renovation of the fish auction hall in Panithittu, floating jetties in Puducherry, Karaikal and Yanam, in addition to various subsidy sops and soft loans. Presenting the 2022-23 budget in the Assembly, the Chief Minister said the ‘Efforts’ app is being developed by the Ministry of Fisheries and Fisheries Welfare with the technical assistance of the National Informatics Center, for the implementation of schemes in a time-bound manner and easy access for stakeholders would soon be brought into the public domain. The fish auction hall in Panithittu, Poornankuppam-Pudukuppam will be reconstructed for 80 lakh and special repair work will be carried out on 13 existing workshop shelters in Puducherry for 40 lakh. A techno-economic feasibility study will be conducted to establish a mini fish landing center in Panihittu.

Floating jetties are to be built at Thengaithittu Puducherry (₹9.81 crore), Pattinacherry, (₹5.83 crore), Arasalar River (₹9.14 crore) and Yanam (₹9.43 crore) under Sagar Mala scheme. In order to provide an alternative livelihood to the fishermen, it is proposed to conduct a feasibility study to identify potential sites and suitable species for seaweed culture in Puducherry and Karaikal. A detailed project report in this regard with an estimated cost of ₹97 lakh was received from the Central Institute. After approval from the Government of India, the necessary study will be conducted and carried out, Mr Rangasamy said. Repair work on the existing ice factory in the main market in Puducherry will be carried out at an estimated cost of ₹ 40 lakh. A technical-economic feasibility report for dredging the estuary of the Thirumalirajan River and for the construction of a mini fishing port at TR Pattinam in Karaikal by approaching the Government of India and a similar study for the construction of a Bait curve in fishing villages will be undertaken in the Union Territory of Puducherry where necessary, the Chief Minister said. Communication equipment such as transponders will be installed in all registered mechanized boats in the Union Territory of Puducherry for the safety and security of the fishermen. Induced Breeding Center (IBC), Thirunallar in Karaikal will be made fully operational with the technical assistance of Rajiv Gandhi Center for Aquaculture (RGCA), MPEDA, Sirkazhi. Grants would be provided for the purchase of trawl nets and fiber reinforced plastic catamaran for fishermen in Karaikal. To support artisanal fishermen, fishing nets worth 5,000 will be supplied to all registered non-motorized fiber catamaram owners in the Union Territory at a cost of 42.50 lakh, the budget said. Rapid action will be taken to start operations in the fishing port in Mahe after completion of the construction of the project, the Chief Minister said. Under the PMMSY Central sector scheme, four Fish Farmer Producers Organization (FFPO), one each in Puducherry, Karaikal, Mahe and Yanam region, will be established to empower the fishermen and fish farmers economically. River farming of common carp seeds will be conducted and released into the existing bed dams in the Union Territory of Puducherry to increase fish stocks. An Aquatic Referral Laboratory will be established at the Estuarine Fish Farm in Thengaithitu and in Karaikal at an estimated cost of 1 crore. To ensure the safety of the fishermen at sea, it is proposed to purchase four 5 ton rescue annex patrol boats for the Puducherry Marine Police at a cost of 7.82 crore. An amount of ₹124.93 crore has been allocated to the department in 2022-23. The budget also addressed the agricultural, horticultural and poultry and dairy schemes. PONLAIT in partnership with State Bank of India (SBI) has launched SAFAL (Simple and Fast Agriculture Loan) to address the dairy farming needs of Puducherry farmers. It is proposed to distribute 4,000 dairy cattle against a 25% subsidy to general beneficiaries and 33% subsidy to registries. Implementation of ‘Integrated Development Program Horticulture through Diversification in Agriculture’ under the scheme ‘Division of Vegetable Seeds with 50% Subsidy’ and a mobile veterinary clinic with call center facility are proposed. In addition to upgrading the Central Forest Nursery in Puducherry and Karaikal, five Sea Turtle Hatcheries will be set up at the cost of the Puducherry region to preserve the Olive Ridley Turtles, a Scheduled-I species of Wildlife Protection Act 1972. It is also proposed to establish Van Vigyan Kendra (VVK) in Puducherry and Karaikal in consultation with the Institute of Forest Genetics and Arboriculture (IFGTB), Coimbatore. A ‘Bio-diversity Management Committee (BMC)’ under the National Bio-diversity Authority (NBA) and scientific research on supply and demand of wood and wood-based products is proposed.

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