Pokémon’s Black & White 2 Anime Trailer is like never before

Although this animated game trailer for Pokémon Black and White 2 was well received by fans, it never made it into its own animated series.

when Pokemon The anime’s protagonist Ash Ketchum is finally shown getting the title of World Champion, and fans are very happy that he’s finally fulfilled his lifelong dream. After that, it was announced that the anime will continue, but with a completely new storyline and a different set of heroes. While some are understandably upset that Ash will no longer be the star of the show, others were excited for a breath of fresh air the anime will catch in April 2023.

However, this is not the first time Pokemon She shifted her focus to Ashes. While it does not have its own protagonist, the sub anime Pokemon Records It followed several side and recurring characters and their own adventures. while, Pokemon origins And Pokémon generations Take a more faithful route to making game mods. Although the latter two were lauded for this one, the animated trailer that didn’t get much attention was Pokemon black And white 2.

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The official animated trailer for Pokémon Black 2 and White 2

Prior to its release, an animated trailer was shown for black And white 2 It was uploaded to YouTube, with thousands of views. The trailer begins with the letter N, a character from the previous one Pokemon Game, standing from the top of a ruined tower declaring his ideals. The scene then cuts to Nate, this game’s male protagonist, and his rival and best friend Hugh as they race to get their first Pokémon.

After Rosa, the game’s protagonist, is shown battling against a leader in a gym, the trailer returns to show what Nate has accomplished so far in his journey and how much his Pokémon have grown. He and his friends are then seen having a confrontation with Neo Team Plasma, the game’s enemies, and planning how to defeat them. After Nate’s sudden frustration with them, the trailer cuts to show two of the main Legendary amulets in Pokémon that will be obtained, right before the two states are announced for both games.

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This trailer missed a golden opportunity for a new Pokemon anime

nate-hyo-pokemon-bw 2

Although there is an anime for every new area, Ash’s travel through it barely follows the events of the games at all. Instead, it is Pokemon The anime has done its own creative flair with adapting the games – creating its own story as well as introducing various fillers – though Ash is still fighting the gym leaders for the most part. Although this has been extended to explore a realm Pokemon In more ways than one, namely the Unova region, fans have often wished for the anime to closely align with the events of the games.

However, the trailer for Pokemon black and white 2 He seems to deliver just that, much to the crowd’s delight. Not only does it depict Nate’s growth since the beginning of his adventure, but it also displays amazing animation throughout – especially when Nate and Neo Team Plasma tell their Pokemon what to do and the after-effects of the next attacks.

The trailer takes its faithfulness to the games to another level by inserting a bit of the soundtrack into the background, making it look as if an animated version of the game is taking place. Unfortunately, a real extensive anime of Pokemon black and white 2 It was never given the green light to sequel, despite its potential and mostly positive fan feedback.

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