Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: Seven-Star Decidueye Raid Guide

POKÉMON just announced that the next seven-star raid will feature the seventh generation of Decidueye.

Each of these raids is very difficult, and often difficult to clear without the correct Pokémon.

Pikachu was the last seven-star raid target.


Pikachu was the last seven-star raid target.Credit: The Pokémon Company

Decidueye will be available in raids from March 17 to March 19th And again from March 24th to March 26th.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Decidueye raid in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

Pokémon SV: Decidueye raids

Fortunately, Decidueye has a very limited move-set, which means it only has Grass, Ghost, Fighting, and Flying type attacks.

This means that it is easier to choose a Pokémon that will resist its attacks and be able to counter it.

It's all about the next 7-star Pokemon raid
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You can only learn one dark type attack, Knock Off, which is very scary because it removes the held item.

As a Flying-tera-type, we believe it will come up with the most devastating moves of the flying-type as the fearless killer bird.

Decidueye will likely come equipped with the Feather jig, which means the special attackers will be more valuable here.

He’s a combo attacker, and he’ll likely have both types of moves, so it’s best to have both types of combo moves.

The archer also comes with the Long Reach ability, which means that all contact-based items and abilities will not work here.

Here’s probably a Decidueye set.

Strongest Deciduy – Level 100

  • Possible nature – brave
  • capacity – Long term
  • purpose – no one
  • Tera Type – airline
  • Possible motion range – Brave bird, dance of feathers, dance of swords, stop working, Phantom Force, Sunny Day, Sunbeam, Acrobatics, Low Kick

Pokémon SV: Decidueye raid counters

With all of this in mind, we’re looking for a special attack counter that will withstand the majority of Decidueye’s attacks.

Once it was set up, this could become a difficult battle, so something that could deny its setup moves was also particularly powerful.


Game Freak has allowed Legends to get into seven-star raids since Pikachu, and we intend to take full advantage of that.

Setting Electric Terrain at the start of battle will boost her powerful Electric-type attacks, and Electro Drift is also boosted against flying types.

Parabolic Charge will help keep Miraidon healthy, while Taunt will reject any kind of setup.

Here is our recommended group.

Meridon – Level 100

  • nature – decent
  • capacity – Hadron engine
  • purpose – Root extender / large terrain
  • Tera Type – electrical
  • move set – Electric Drift, Parabolic Charge, Taunt, Quiet Mind

Rotom temperature

If you’ve already built a good Rotom fan of the Cinderace raid, check out the manual once and you’ll get a great ‘mon’ for this.

Rain Dance will give you 100% accurate thunder, which can be enhanced with a Nasty Plot.

Will-O-Wisp will also half Decidueye’s attack, greatly reducing the damage of those brave birds.

Here’s what we recommend.

Rotom heat – level 100

  • nature – decent
  • capacity – levitate
  • purpose – Shell Bell
  • Tera Type – electrical
  • move set – Bad plot, rain dance, thunder, wil-o-wesp

Iron hands

Iron Hands is a solid raid classic here too, especially if paired with Miraidon’s Hadron Engine.

Despite being a combat type, the electric type will protect her weakness from the flying type, and the transparent amulet will protect her from the Feather Dance.

The only problem here is if Decidueye has both a Knock Off and a Feather Dance, which makes Iron Hands unusable.

Here is our recommended group.

Iron Hands – Level 100

  • nature – to caution
  • capacity – Quark Drive
  • purpose – clear amulet
  • Tera Type – electrical
  • move set – Belly drum, thunder punch, electric terrain, charge


Frosmoth is one of the underappreciated Pokemon. He is surprisingly huge and has a great special attack.

Flying type attacks would be a problem until it could evolve, but it has a number of defensive measures to negate that.

Pinning Snow now only creates micro-blizzards, but also boosts defense.

Here is our recommended group.

Frosmoth – Level 100

  • nature – wide
  • capacity – ice scales
  • purpose – Shell Bell
  • Tera Type – airline
  • move set – Snowscape, Aurora Veil, Quiver Dance/Dance of Feathers, Blizzard

iron pack

Iron Beam is weak to Grass attacks, but has a similar defensive arsenal to Frosmoth.

Blizzard will deal damage while Taunt will prevent Decidueye from being installed.

Avalanche is an interesting move if the Iron Pack is paired with faster Pokémon.

Here are our recommendations.

Iron Pack – Level 100

  • nature – calm
  • capacity – Quark Drive
  • purpose – Shell Bell
  • Tera Type – airline
  • move set – Snowscape, Aurora Ville, Blizzard, Avalanche
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