UTD is home to half a million honeybees. Here’s How Students And Teachers Benefit

At the University of Texas at Dallas, you’ll find more than a dozen thriving hives with over half a million bees. Each semester, the university offers two honeybee courses. The campus hosts so-called pollinator events, where students learn about and appreciate these insects and animals that help fertilize plants. And the university offers sales of … Read more

The secret behind ants’ super strong teeth

Ants have a sharp bite well above their weight class thanks to the infusion of hard metals such as zinc and manganese into their lower jaws. New research with an advanced microscope shows that a number of arthropods, such as ants, camel spiders, scorpions and bristle worms, have adapted the use of these hard minerals … Read more

The spider that looks like bird poop – and other awesome (and gross) tricks animals use to survive

Animals do all kinds of disgusting things. While these gross behaviors can make our stomachs turn, they are often crucial to an animal’s survival. Me and my colleague Nic Gill did the dirty work and collected a bunch of unexpected facts about how this behavior helps animals live their best lives: making a home, finding … Read more

Dolphins can identify their friends by taste, study shows for the first time

We humans rely on a range of cues to recognize our friends, such as their smiles, their voices, or the way they walk. Biologists have known for decades that dolphins form close friendships and that cetaceans recognize their friends by their unique whistles. Now, new surprising research suggests bottlenose dolphins use their sense of taste … Read more

10 meilleurs couples d’anime, selon Reddit

Studio Shaft a récemment publié une vidéo promotionnelle du histoire de fantômes série pour annoncer le 16e volume du manga. Alors que les fans sont un peu choqués alors que le manga est entré dans sa phase finale, la plupart sont également très enthousiastes à propos de la prochaine saison de l’anime et de voir … Read more

5 Animals That Are Impressive Architects

Many animals are experts at building structures – be it for living, a place to breed or for protection. chimpanzees rebuild their nests every night until they sit right in the branches of a tree. Small animals called coral polyps are responsible for building coral reefs. And honeybees have hexagonal honeycombs in their hives to … Read more

Senior Kraig Biocraft Laborato – GuruFocus.com

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, June 8, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB) (“Company” or “Kraig Labs”), the biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of spider silk, is sending senior members of the US management and research team to Vietnam to support multiple aspects of operations focused on manufacturing expansion and development … Read more