One year later, Elden Ring may not be done redefining the gaming landscape

As the Elden Ring celebrates its first birthday, its impact on the open world genre and the video game industry as a whole has been impressive.

Elden ring Today she celebrates her first birthday, and her influence on the video game industry cannot be underestimated. As Game of the Year Winner at The Game Awards 2022, Elden ring It managed to exceed most expectations — which is especially impressive given longtime fans of developer FromSoftware had such high expectations after a largely muted pre-release marketing campaign. Until now, Elden ring It continues to dominate gaming titles as players continue to discover new things about this sprawling action RPG. There’s no reason to think that’s going to change anytime soon, especially with potential DLC on the way.

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on the roof, Elden ring It appears to be a natural continuation of FromSoftware’s established formula demon souls From 2009. Over time, this formula has evolved and diversified, with each iteration of the icon Evil spirits Trilogy gets more complex while titles like bloodborne And Sekiro: Shadows die twice They applied their basic mechanics in different environments. Elden ring Arguably the pinnacle of this formula yet; The direct score for a performing developer at the top of their game.

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It looks like the Elden Ring’s dominance will continue

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to go on a date, Elden ring It has sold more than 20 million units worldwide, dwarfing any of FromSoftware’s other scores by a wide margin. The developer has become a major force that rivals any other in the industry, though much of its back catalog is considered something of an acquired taste due to its perceived higher difficulty and stealthy storytelling style. while Elden ring Still brutally difficult at times, and telling its story in an equally enigmatic way, it’s Soulsborne’s most accessible title yet thanks to a couple of crucial new mechanics – including the freedom to approach the game in dozens of different ways.

Although there is no official word regarding the downloadable content, many feel that it is only a matter of time before Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team announce that the game is getting additional content. Except for the 2019 Game of the Year winner Sekiro: Shadows die twiceEvery other game in FromSoftware’s Soulsborne collection has received DLC, each one more impressive than the last. The quality of the DLC released for these titles is arguably stronger than what can be found in every base game involved, making it look good for any prospect. Elden ring DLC.

Thanks to the depth of the lands in between, there are multiple directions Elden ring DLC can enter. Interesting locations that are mentioned but never visited in the base game, such as the Badlands, would make interesting areas to visit, and depending on the scale of the base game map, these maps can be huge in size. The current map also contains largely undeveloped areas, nothing more than the huge open maze that makes up the Underground Lands area.

Whatever is in store for Elden ringIt has to be as rich in detail and impressive as the base game in order to maintain the high bar that was set. FromSoftware’s next game is Armored Core 6: Rubicon fires, a revival of the cult mech-based vehicular combat series from the early 2000s. Despite this, more projects in context Elden ring Will definitely follow due to its success. With the eyes of the gaming world firmly fixed on Miyazaki and his team, we’re hoping FromSoftware can once again attempt to take the genre it popularized to new levels.

Elden ring Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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