Netflix and Pokémon are teaming up for the first time ever

Pokemon Concierge is a Netflix original series that was initially a stop-motion series and did not focus on a Pokemon trainer.

Written by Sean Thiessen | published

Netflix is ​​out to catch them all. As reported by Deadline, Netflix has unveiled its latest major IP collaboration with Pokemon Concierge. The stop-motion animated series is a first for the Pokémon franchise, shifting focus from trainers like Ash Ketchum to Haru, a janitor at the Pokémon resort.

On February 27, an announcement on 2023 Pokémon Day broke the news of the Netflix Pokémon series. Pokemon Concierge Follows Haru serving Pokémon as she relaxes at a resort and interacts with visiting trainers. The trailer for the show promises a quiet look at the action-packed franchise.

The brief teaser presents the premise of the show in a succinct, comforting voiceover as an anxious Psyduck strolls along the beach. In just 30 seconds, the trailer conveys a soothing tone and adorable animation style for the lovable creatures. Netflix released a poster alongside the teaser for pokemon concierge, First look at the bright-eyed Haru. The chain’s motto reads: “I’m happy when you’re happy.”

27 years after the release of the first Pokémon video game, Netflix is ​​breaking new ground for the franchise. Historically limited to trading cards, anime and video games, Pokemon Concierge It tells a unique story in a new style. said Minyoung Kim, Vice President of Asia Content for Netflix Pokemon Concierge Offers “an entirely new visual and storytelling experience… in close collaboration with The Pokémon Company.”

No Japanese release date for the series has been announced, but it is expected to hit Netflix in 2023. It will land on Netflix alongside other Pokémon titles such as indigo league, And Mewtwo strikes back. French studios Dwarf Studios developed the series.

Pokemon Netflix Pikachu
Detective Pikachu

The announcement of the Netflix Pokémon series follows the news that Ash Ketchum, the Pokémon Champion since 1997, will be leaving the series. Pokémon trainers Lyko and Rui will lead the show starting in 2023. Although fans will be sad to see the ten-year-old leave, the move reveals Pokémon’s strategy to renew and expand its future.

The Netflix series also comes after the 2019 version of Detective Pikachu, which starred Ryan Reynolds in the first live-action Pokémon outing. A sequel to this movie is rumored to be in development, though the cast has not been confirmed to return. Detective Pikachu He is Wrapped in a standalone fashion, but the vast world of Pokémon offers endless possibilities for sequels.

Fan response to Netflix Pokemon Concierge It was positive, with many excited about the wholesome fun the series promised. The Pokémon fan base has powered through nine generations of lovable and powerful creatures, which includes an incredible 122 different games.

As the Pokémon Company charts its future, the franchise has big changes ahead. How these mods are made will remain with purists, but if the Netflix collaboration is any indication, the future of Pokémon appears to be on the right track. The franchise has been going on for four decades, and just like the characters they serve, the Pokémon universe must evolve in order to survive.

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