KyoAni’s Beyond the Boundary is a dark fantasy masterpiece

Beyond the Boundary is the best bet for the supernatural/dark superhero anime viewer. This makes it one of the best KyoAni fantasy anime.

Anime has a bittersweet vibe, with its most amazing performances often coming and going too quickly for viewers’ satisfaction. Another harsh truth about the world of anime is the reality of “underrated performances”. Sometimes a particular genre has such a heavy production or such an overwhelming public response that some series have simply overshadowed it. Kyoukai no Kanataor Beyond Bordersis an anime that has all the elements of a great show that simply didn’t get the attention it deserved upon its release.

Based on the light novel of the same name, Beyond Borders The series received an anime adaptation through Kyoto Animation and aired in 2013. The series received fairly accurate recognition as the studio subsequently released an OVA in 2014 and a two-part anime movie in 2015, but there are several factors that make it worthy of being described as a fantasy masterpiece. dark.

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Beyond Borders is a perfect blend of several genres

It’s almost impossible for viewers to find an anime that has it all. Beyond Borders It just so happens to be a series made specifically for viewers who love any or all of romance, adventure, fantasy, and comedy. The story also includes a brilliantly executed supernatural element throughout its run. There is never an episode in which the audience does not taste at least one of these varieties.

Then there’s the development arc, development, and storytelling process that are all better than a lot of overrated mainstream titles. Beyond Borders It lets the audience explore the chemistry of these elements, and that’s a major part of what makes it such an instant watch.

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The visuals and story of Beyond Borders are well done

Beyond the border Akihito and Mirai hold hands.

Some anime have hype surrounding them but fall short when it comes to execution. Recent examples Satan is temporary 2 And New Tokyo Mew Mew. On the other side, Beyond Borders He does a great job of executing Akihito Kanbara and Mirai Kuriyama’s story.

The direct connection the audience feels with the story is through Mirai – a character whose innocence and charm binds everything and everyone together. Mirai is a universal spirit warrior who can conjure weapons with her blood, while Akihito is a half day immortal.

Two high school students live in a world where supernatural creatures are the physical manifestation of negative human emotions, and this thrilling story is well supported by gorgeous visuals. All the characters, the background, and even the battle sequences look great and will hook the audience from the very first scene. It is commendable Beyond Borders He also does a great job of representing different types of characters in subtle and respectful ways.

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Beyond Boundaries KyoAni is full of cuteness

Beyond Borders It may be a dark fantasy/supernatural title, but its appeal is always there. It’s almost full of comedic moments, constant blushing between the protagonists, and even an idol number. Of course, it gets bloody when it needs to be, but that’s what it’s made of Beyond Borders One of the best animators out there – knows how to balance the elements. There is never a time when the action is too much or the plot degenerates into a full-blown romance. There’s only one real problem with this series: It’s too short.

One season is not enough to explore the wonders Beyond Borders He has to show. The supporting characters, high school arc, and budding romance help create the show’s most memorable moments. Special shout out to the execution of the female characters, who are always the center of attention. They steal the spotlight every time with a great mix of badass moves and cuteness.

The audience can almost feel a personal connection to the female gang as their care, love, and support for one another reflects the depth of true friendship. Of course there are some drawbacks, but the positives make up for it Beyond Borders One of the best fantasy animations out there, its negatives greatly outweigh.

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