3 K-pop Groups Who Will Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary Next Year

3 K-pop Groups Who Will Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary Next Year

Kicking off 2023 with excitement, we have three K-pop groups celebrating their 10th anniversary. When it comes to anniversaries in the K-pop industry, it sure is a proud and exciting time for both K-pop groups and their fans.

With BTS preparing FESTA for their AMRY along with Ladies’ Code and Lavely piling up surprises for each other, 2023 will be an eventful year. With fans from all over the world coming together to celebrate the anniversaries of their K-pop groups, the K-pop fandom is expected to be one heap of tears and joy.

K-pop groups that will celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2023

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Although the list of K-pop groups may be short, their list of achievements is not. After years of being trainees, these K-pop idols have spent another 10 years slowly growing up and building their place in the industry. From endless schedules to back-to-back practice sessions, one can expect the 10th anniversary to be a monumental moment for these K-pop groups.

1) Checkers code

The three-member K-pop girl group that debuted on March 7, 2013, formed under Polaris Entertainment, is first on our list. The group consists of Ashley (their leader), Sojung, and Zuny. Ladies’ Code initially started out as a five-member group until a tragic car accident led to the loss of the other two members, EunB and RiSe.

Although the group hasn’t been active since their last comeback in 2019, CODE#03 RELEASE ME, the idols have been busy with their solo schedules. While Ashley has been hosting a podcast at DIVE STUDIOS, along with btob peniel and the KARD BM, called BE REALISTIC, Sojung/Seojung has started her solo career with soundtracks for K-dramas like am hhere, nothing between usY Love in the Clouds.

Zuny, on the other hand, has embarked on her journey with K-dramas. While the K-pop idol played a supporting role in Justiceshe also took the spotlight on the show 4 types of house.

With their 10th anniversary coming up, fans are looking forward to a gathering of the members to celebrate the special event. Among the other K-pop groups celebrating their anniversaries, this one is highly anticipated.

2) BTS

BTS Party 2022 || BTS is live now on YouTube💜 Happy 9th Anniversary Bangtan🫶🏻 https://t.co/m7eyLvMvRi

BTS, or Bangtan Boys, the seven-member K-pop boy group, has been steadily dominating the K-pop industry since their debut on June 13, 2013. After their FESTA celebration in 2022, the band announced that they would be pausing their group activities while the members embark on their solo careers.

j-hope was the first to usher in this new era with his second album, Jack in the box. The album shocked many ARMYs as it showed a never-before-seen side of the K-pop idol and at the same time became a great commercial success. Jin followed it up with the release of her single, The astronautin collaboration with British rock band Coldplay.

Run BTS! 2022 Special Episode – “‘RUN BTS TV’ On-cir part 1Preview Cuts (1) https://t.co/dVRj6dfOPA

The group has also been active in other areas, such as its Is coming concert in Busan, special run bts episodes, Me, myself and *name of member* portfolios, personal vlogs and many more. Fans who were worried about the so-called hiatus turned out to have nothing to worry about.

Furthermore, Jin’s reported departure for his mandatory military service on December 13 also has fans experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. With the group entering their military service, ARMYs are also saddened by the members who will be missing from FESTA 2023.


Debuting with his song, light step, in July 2013, BESTie is another K-pop group that will celebrate their 10th anniversary next year. The girl group was formed under YNB Entertainment and consists of four idols: Hyeyeon, Haeryung, U.JI, and Dahye.

However, following the termination of their contract in 2018, U.JI and Dahye opted to sign with Star Entertainment, turning BESTie into a two-member band.

Haeryung, who was once a member of EXIDshe has also been active as an actress in both K-dramas and K-movies as Ping pong ball, cute shorts (girl), judge vs. judge, etc. Hyeyeon, who is also a former member of EXID, has extended her role as a vocalist to a solo career. The K-pop idol released a mini-album called Excellent in 2018, followed by a full-length studio album sunday hyeyeon in 2021.

While the two K-pop idols continue to thrive in their solo careers, fans are looking forward to seeing them together as BESTie to celebrate their next milestone event.

After EXO-L’s celebration 10 years of EXO This year, three fandoms are preparing events and projects to celebrate the anniversaries of their K-pop groups next year, and to say they’re excited would be an understatement. The K-pop industry is known to go big when it comes to celebrations, so one can confidently have high expectations.

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