Harvestella details Nemea, Istina, Sky Lancer track, fishing, more

Square Enix has shared new details for: Harvestellaon various aspects such as the town of Nemea, a new character named Istina, the Sky Lancer track, fishing and more.


The new game is a life simulation RPG that allows you to enjoy everyday life, socializing and adventure.

In everyday life, you can spend a relaxing day farming, fishing or livestock, before heading to the city to socialize and build relationships with residents. If you want to test your combat skills, you can step into a dungeon to take on hordes of monsters with a variety of weapons and jobs.

Whatever you do, time moves through the seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. But between each season is a fifth season: Quietus! During this time, crops wither and die, and a deadly dust keeps people locked inside.

You must consider the changing seasons and the stark inevitability of Quietus as you attempt to solve the mysteries behind this season of death.

The City of Spring: Nemea

Welcome to Nemea!

In this beautiful city, the flowers bloom all year round under the influence of the nearby Spring Seaslight.

Once night falls, the city shows a different side.

Cherry blossoms dance against the night sky in a dreamy view.

Despite its beauty, there are problems in the city of Nemea. A giant egg has appeared on the Spring Seaslight – one of the giant crystals that rule the seasons. Since then, unknown monsters have been flying into the city and attacking the inhabitants!

When you visit Nemea, you become involved in the investigation of the Seaslight, along with Asyl – a member of the Argus Brigade protecting the city.

You can see the Spring Seaslight from the observation deck in Nemea.

Your group is going to investigate the Seaslight… but what awaits you there?

Inhabitant of Nemea: Istina

Next, we’ll introduce you to one of the memorable characters you’ll meet in this thriving place: Istina.

Istina is a teacher who lives with the children in the town’s orphanage.

She is intellectual, quiet and rarely shows her emotions openly. She likes to read about different places in the world and often reads to the children.

This is how she spends her days and is loved by the townspeople. However, she is said to have arrived in Nemea only a few years ago.

When she meets the main character, she must face the past that she has kept hidden…

Adventure: Jobs

When it comes to combat, you have access to multiple jobs, which determine the weapon and skills you can use in combat. Last time we showed you the Fighter, Mage and Shadow Walker lanes – this time we reveal the Sky Lancer.

This job uses a spear and excels at physical attacks with wind attributes. Because he learns many broad skills that take advantage of the spear’s range, the Sky Lancer is very useful when facing multiple enemies!

When you recruit a character to a certain job, the main character can use that job too! In the screenshot above, you can see how working with Asyl unlocked the Sky Lancer for use!

Socializing: Character Stories

Characters that can join you as allies in battle and other key characters each have their own Character Story.

These stories focus on the issues each character faces.

As you progress through a character story and learn more about each character’s thoughts and feelings, your closeness to them will increase. This provides a range of advantages in battle, and you can even receive rewards!

Daily life: special spring products

Farming is one of the many daily activities you can do in Harvestella. By planting crops and caring for them diligently, you can harvest them to sell or use yourself in crafting and cooking.

Spring crops

Some produce can be harvested all year round, but some fruits and vegetables can only be grown in a certain season. Here’s a glimpse of some spring crops you can grow:

Nemean tomato.

Wisty Peach.


straw buddy.

Spring kitchen

These crops can be used as ingredients in delicious meals. Here’s a look at just a few of them – apologies if this makes your stomach rumble!

Nemea Bolognese.

peach rose mousse,

Zucchini and ground beef sandwiches.

Strawberry Shortcake.

Of course, there are many more kinds of special spring products that you can grow, and many more meals to make. But publishing more pictures of food would just be cruel, so we’ll let you discover them for yourself.

Daily life: fishing

Fishing is another way to happily pass the hours in Harvestella. You can do it if you have a fishing rod.

Find a fishing point and you can cast your line and catch some fish. As with the crops grown on your farm, you can ship fish for cash, or keep them to use in cooking.

What you can catch will depend on your location and other conditions. You might even catch something other than a fish…

You can even upgrade your rod, which will allow you to catch even rarer fish!

Daily Life: Shipping

You can earn money in Harvestella by shipping fruits and vegetables that you have harvested from your fields.

You can use machines you’ve made to make processed goods, which are shipped for an even higher price.

You can check out new Harvestella screenshots showing off Nemea, Istina, Sky Lancer job, fishing and more in the gallery below.

Harvestella arrives for Switch on November 4, 2022.

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