Fumetsu no Anata e 2nd Season – 18

I suppose it was always improbable that a season that had primarily fueled my interest through sheer weirdness and randomness would have held together when it had to end its story. Still, it’s absolutely amazing what an unholy mess she is smoke It turns out to be. It’s strictly my opinion, but in addition to the ambiguous moral perspective, the plot itself holds together poorly. Speed ​​can’t be completely deciphered and the Renryl arc has been going on for a very long time. How much of that is wrong with the source material (I think the majority) and how much of the adaptation I don’t know, and I haven’t read this now. But by God, it’s a train wreck.

Plus, this episode was a reminder that I never really cared for the Mars character. It’s not terrible or anything but it’s not good, and when it started to dominate the narrative in the S1 that was the first sign after its massive premiere that the quality was going to be a roller coaster ride. I still don’t really get why she would ever be alive again, to be honest. I’m by no means a genius, but this isn’t my first time at a rodeo here – it used up a lot of animation and a lot of imagination in my time. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect things to be a little more reasonable than they currently are.

Another thing we don’t know is why the Nokkers called on Fushi to prepare for a year instead of just invading Renril and killing everyone with ease. Since we at least know Kahaku’s nokker has been a sleeper agent all along, the thinking may have been that they wanted to kill two birds with one stone – “liberating” the largest human settlement and wiping out their sworn enemy at the same time. I kind of feel like going back to Kahaku, even though he is. Literally the last thing he wants to do is hurt Fushi, which is exactly what nokker made him do. We all knew the arm was getting hacked sooner or later, I guess.

Boone’s plan and his plan to “turn Fushi into weapons of mass destruction” stinks from the start, frankly. It’s interesting that we still can’t figure out what Ooima-sensei thinks of it. Do you support what Boone is doing, or do you see cruel irony in it? I don’t know if he was meant to be the villain of the arc or the hero, but in my view Boone made things physically worse rather than better. So it’s not all that heartbroken about his passing by himself here, though I assume Fushi will turn back to himself and revive Bon when he does. This would also be ironic – an ability that Bon selfishly hides with Fushi in order to further his own plans being used to bring him back to life.

The good news is that we’re only two seasons away from the end of the season, so this Groundhog Day is finally coming to an end one way or another. I do not know where Fumitsu no Anata i.e It stands as an adaptation next – two very popular seasons for an NHK production – and I don’t know where Identification card Stand with him even if he returns. I would hate to give up on a series that can deliver the highest levels this guy can possibly achieve. And even for most of this cattywampus season, I’ve been so intrigued by how difficult it is to explain this show. And in Fushi, it has a really great protagonist whose character arc has a burning pathos. But at some point that won’t be enough, unless the series puts its house in order.


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