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We all know the adventures of Ant-Man through the Quantum verse and how he ended up getting trapped in the Quantum realm by rescuing the avengers from a crisis in Endgame. The importance of Quantum verse turned out to be a major factor in key parts during Endgame.

Quantum Verse was rendered short and intricate during a few scenes in Ant-Man and The Wasp and remained largely unexplored until it helped time travel during Endgame.

How does Ant-Man 2 connect to Ant-Man 3?

Quantum City

During Janet Van Dyne’s rescue, we get to see a short shot of a city in the quantum realm covered in a bubble. This city is none other than Chronopolis, the stronghold of Kang the Conqueror, where every block of this city extends into different eras of the earth. It exists as a unique dimension called Limbo, free from the timeline.

It came as no great surprise that Ant-Man 3 will focus more on the Quantum Realm and delve into its capabilities as stated by the producers, and also Kang is the main antagonist of the film with a much greater threat. .

What could be the possible plot of the film?

Director of the film, Peyton Reed

Shooting for Quantumania was completed as stated by director Peyton Reed. It’s palpable to assume that this episode would focus more on the quantum realm as a whole, delving into a few mysteries surrounding the realm.

In the comics, the empire had been home to a species called Micronauts and had also been a site for many adventures, including the first feature film of The Fantastic Four, a few Captain America songs, and a few timelines including Inhumans, Silver Surfer with Psycho-Man being one of the main antagonists.

Quantum Realm is also home to several planets made up of different tribes scattered across each world. It looks like Ant-Man 3 will translate this effect to the screen and explore the possibilities of future encounters of villains and protagonists in this movie, while building up screen space for Kang The Conqueror.

The possible villains

He Who Remains, a variant of Kango

It was announced a long time ago that Jonathan Banks will fill the role of Kang the Conqueror, and he had already caught us performing at the Loki finale. He also built tension for Marvel’s future stories by giving a brief explanation of his other variant.

Kang the Conqueror will no doubt play the main antagonist role in Ant-Man 3, as well as some other titles. In addition to Kang, we will meet newer characters.

Corey Stoll, the actor for Yellow Jacket in the first episode, had shrunk to a subatomic level and has since disappeared. It is rumored that he will return to play a part in Ant-Man 3. The most viable way to return would be for him to hide in the quantum realm and forge revenge all along. It makes the most sense for him to take on the role of MODOK, and revenge can be shown as an incentive to fuel his growth in power.

There is also the matter of the people Jane met during her time in the Quantum Realm. They may also play a pivotal role in the film, there is also a possibility that Jane Kang will meet in the town of Chronopolis.

The connection with individual stories

Ant-Man and Wasp on the sets of Quantumania

The timeline of the movie can easily be split, we have Jane meeting Kang in the quantum realm and learning how dangerous and powerful he is. After she escapes, she explains this to Ant-Man and the group to decide on their plan of action.

Yellow Jacket, now MODOK, is plotting revenge and waiting for a chance to escape. He then teams up with Kang and formulates a plan to unleash Kang on Earth.

Unaware of the dangers, the Ant-Man group ventures into the Quantum Realm and encounters both of their enemies and some of Jane’s old contacts during her time. It now makes more sense for MODOK to turn back Kang by playing a double game and trap the entire group with Kang as he finds his chance to free himself from this abandoned realm.

All in all, we have until February 2023 to find out if the theories are true and to be amazed by the beautiful images of the quantum realm mixed with its explicitly detailed images.

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