Every non-hero MCU character that fans love

In a world full of superpowered individuals, sometimes even non-hero characters can steal the show and our hearts. Here are 8 of the best non-hero characters that have brought a lot to the MCU, even with their limited screen time.

1. Ned Leeds

Ned Leeds in the MCU

Spider-Man’s best friend and most trusted confidant is none other than Ned Leeds. His character is sweet, sweet and very funny. He and Peter have a special bond where they depend on each other and tell each other everything. In the MCU, Ned has helped Peter on several occasions, whether for hacking or just for distraction.

2. Erik Selvig

Erik Selvig

We saw him first during Thor and then again during The Avengers. He is an extremely intelligent man and an astrophysicist. He was also pivotal to the plot of MCU’s Avengers, as he was brainwashed by Loki and his scepter which contained the Mind Stone. We then saw a deranged, delusional Selvig in Thor 2 after being a little maddened by Loki.

3. Darcy Lewis

Darcy Lewis at the MCU

Here’s another character from Thor. She brings a humorous tone to the movies she’s part of with her impeccable comedic timing. She is also extremely intelligent and smart enough to take care of herself. In MCU’s WandaVision, she completed her PhD in astrophysics. She was also the only one smart enough to tap the radio signals and retrieve live images from the Hex. Ultimately, she played a very important role in saving the people within the Hex by helping Monica Rambeau.

4. Pepper pots

Pepper Potts

She is best known as Iron Man’s love interest and wife. However, she is so much more than that. Pepper is a strong confident and courageous woman. Even when she was Tony’s assistant, she was the only one who could control him. She quickly became a fan favorite for her witty one-liners and hilarious jabs. She also joins the rest of the heroes in the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, where she fought fearlessly. In MCU’s Iron Man 3, she defeated Aldrich Killian. She also played an important role in the construction and planning of the Stark Tower.

5. Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan

He is another character who is an important part of Tony Stark’s life. He was Tony’s bodyguard and one of his best friends. Starting out as comic relief, he eventually became a sweet, caring and fun character. He stood by Peter Parker after Tony Stark’s death and helped him through everything, including Mysterio. After Aunt May’s death in No Way Home in MCU and Peter’s treacherous position, fans can’t wait to see how Happy fits into all of this in Spider-Man’s upcoming trilogy.

6. Jimmy Woo

Jimmy Woo

His character was introduced during Ant-Man and the Wasp and was later seen in WandaVision. Randall Park brought this character his signature charm and humor and made us fall in love with Jimmy Woo. In the MCU, he was an FBI agent tasked with keeping an eye on Ant-Man while under house arrest. It’s absolutely hilarious that he wants to learn close-up magic after seeing some of Scott Lang’s tricks. Woo brought the same sweet and funny nature of his to the sets of WandaVision.

7. Luis and X-Con Security Advisors

Luis, Dave and Kurt X-Con Security

He is Scott Lang’s best friend and closest ally. In the MCU, he and his friends Dave and Kurt also shed light on a real problem in society where many ex-cons are struggling in the real world despite breaking new ground. Luis does this with his charming and hilarious personality. He helped Scott hide the Ant-Man suit and even worked from Scott’s house to keep him involved. He is probably best known for his elaborate and lengthy explanations and fans love it.

8. Katy Chen

Katy Chen

Akwafina as Katy Chen absolutely nailed it. She was recognizable, hilarious and lovable in MCU’s Shang Chi. Although she seemed quite cold and reckless when she stole car keys while she was a servant, she became an extremely important character later in the film. In Ta Lo, she picked up the skill of archery so that she could contribute to the final battle. In fact, she played an important part in winning the battle when she fired an arrow with perfect precision that exposed the Dweller’s neck.

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