Elden Ring Fan uses green screen to put themselves in the game

A very creative Elden Ring fan has used green screen technology to humorously position themselves next to Miquella at Mohgwyn Mansion.

In a stunning display of creativity and dedication, the Elden ring Fans have taken their love for the game to the next level with green screen technology. This allows them to place themselves in the game world alongside one of the most enigmatic characters in the game. Elden ring It is a game that many consider to be one of the deepest and most complex games on the market today. Character lore and multiple customization options are what allow players to get lost in the game world.

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Lots of science in Elden ring They are found through short clips, character dialogue, or item descriptions. Ultimately, this makes it very difficult for players to explain everything that happens in the Lands Between. This branding is for the game FromSoftware, and fans of the series have come to expect it. This also leaves it up to the most dedicated fans to decide for themselves what the lore of the game is and isn’t. Most fans of the series have no problem getting lost in the ornate and elaborate details that make it up Elden Ring knowledge. However, some fans wish they could do more than just play the game in front of them.

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In a video posted to Reddit, a file Elden ring Fans used a green screen to position themselves in the game. This allowed them to interact with Miquella, one of the most mysterious characters in the game. The user, known as MelaPrilia, was dressed in all his faded clothes and sat in the middle of Mohgoin’s hidden palace in Elden ring. Armed with only a glintstone staff, MelaPrilia marches across the boss’ plaza toward the egg containing Miquella’s body. They then proceeded to attempt to wake Mikaela in several comedic ways, making funny and gross sound effects along the way. Finally, Mikaela’s arm moves to move it up and down to the egg, transporting it through the portal to a realm Elden ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree.

The attention to detail in the video is impressive. From the lighting, shadows, sound effects, animation, props, and the ways they interact with the environment, it’s clear that an enormous amount of time and effort went into creating this masterpiece. MeliPrilia clearly has a lot of love for a scientist Elden ringAnd it shows in their work. It seems that “Lands Between” can be funny, and this video is just one example of that.

Members Elden ring They will do just about anything to show their love for the insanely popular game. Now with the next announcement Elden ring DLC, fans are excited to get a taste of what the future holds. In the meantime, Tarnished will have to settle for fan-made creations like this one.

Elden ring Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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