Elden Ring Fan is turning the game into a Studio Ghibli project

An Elden Ring fan and talented artist reimagines scenes and characters from the game in deep, textured Studio Ghibli style.

that Elden ring Fan and artist have recreated characters and scenes from the game in colorful Studio Ghibli-style illustrations. Elden ring It recently passed its first anniversary, and many gamers are still completely fascinated by the game, and continue to deliver amazing tributes.

Elden ring have taken influence from many sources, such as Lord of the ringsArthur Legend, Finnish Folklore, Wagner Nibelung ringAnd Rambunctious, Among other things. Maybe even a Hayao Miyazaki movie Nausicaa Valley of the Wind affected the gameAnd With lands laden with mushroom spores, and one character named Kushana who bears a striking resemblance to Malenia, they are both very strong with golden arms. While Hidetaka Miyazaki discussed the influences of Elden ringGhibli is not specifically mentioned. Even without direct confirmation of inspiration, it’s easy to imagine how the studio often referred to as “Disney Japan” could have had some influence on the team at From Software.

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Whether or not it was inspired by Ghibli Elden ring, the two make an adorable pairing, as shown by Reddit user Expensive-Peak2470, who posted adorable Ghibli-style illustrations of Malinia, Rani, and a character in Nokron, the Underground City. The illustrations feature color and a rich, filmy texture that replicates the hand-drawn style of old Ghibli films such as Kiki’s delivery service And castle in the sky. the official Elden ring The manga takes more of a detailed illustration style, closer to a manga style Rambunctiouswhich evokes a grittier, more soulful feel compared to the dreamlike, nostalgic feel of Ghibli’s style, as seen in Expensive-Peak2470’s art.

Elden Style Rani Ghibli ring

The original fan posted a request for Expensive-Peak2470 to continue their work with fans requesting a photo of the Fia. Expensive-Peak2470 also clarified that the images are not AI-generated, claiming that each image took more than eight hours of work at Procreate. The enormous popularity of Elden ringalong with the diverse inspiration and huge amount of different gameplay modes and landscapes within the game, which means that there are many ways to Elden ring to be translated to suit the best player. Gave one of the artists Elden ring Draw a transformation in a more cartoonish style, similar to Adventure timewhile another artist imagined what Rykard would look like in the NES game.

Just over a year after its launch Elden ringThe game continues to inspire and impress many gamers. when thinking about how to do it Evil spirits It influenced game designers for years after its release, creating the “Soulslike” subgenre, and also considered that Elden ring sold much more than its predecessor ( Evil spirits The trilogy has sold about 27 million copies combined, while Elden ring alone sold 20 million), it’s easy to see Elden ring It will likely continue to influence gamers and designers alike for years to come.

Elden ring It’s now released for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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