Elden Ring cooperative partner glitch through the fog door

While playing the Elden Ring co-op game, the player breaks through the fog door after attacking an enemy on the other side with a critical hit.

In an unusual turn of events, a group of Elden ring Players have discovered a bug that enables characters to pass through fog doors that restrict access in co-op play. Elden ring It is basically a solo adventure. However, those looking to conquer dungeons, regions, or bosses with friends have the ability to do so through the use of multiplayer consumables. Players must be careful, because playing with friends means that players open up their world to deformed opponents who can invade them at any time. Invasions have been known to slow down the progression of a co-op party, sometimes ending the session altogether.

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Play with friends in Elden ring Collaboration does not come with its limitations. There are many ways a cooperative game can start Elden ring, but usually starts with using one of the multiplayer items or using a summon deck. Players should also make sure that they start their game online rather than offline. This will enable them to see messages written by other characters on Earth and ask others for help. When played together, the party is relegated to one area until the host is killed or the boss is defeated. At this point, all players return to their respective worlds. This meant that exploration outside the area they were summoned had been thought impossible due to fog doors blocking the path, until now.

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A video posted by Helmaksi on Reddit shows them playing Elden ring With a group of friends, they attack an enemy on the other side of the fog door. The mist obviously limited their ability to properly engage the enemy, but the group was determined to finish them off nonetheless. The three of them took turns attacking the very long black knife killer until they finally broke his balance, knocking the enemy to the ground. Black Knife Assassin is flipped near the fog door to allow a player to move into position for a critical strike. With the final swing linking to the critical strike animation, he slams the character through the mist door to the other side, leaving them alone, separated from their group.

Play with friends in Elden ring It almost guarantees that something unexpected will happen. Whether it’s invasions, weird enemy encounters, or bugs, there’s often another surprise just around the corner. This isn’t the first time players have seen Critical Hits do strange things Elden ringAnd it probably won’t be the last.

Elden ring is an experience you’re meant to share, and playing with friends is one of the most fun ways to do that. The game can be particularly unforgiving to those playing alone. Because of this, gamers can take a break from the pain by cruel bullying Elden ring Bosses with friends to relieve stress and get some winnings.

Elden ring Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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