Elden Ring becomes an MMORPG with a new mod

Elden Ring is getting a huge new MMORPG-inspired mod, including its own free expansion packs, multiplayer mode, and a host of other features.

Elden ring Players can now download the biggest mod the game has ever received, inspired by classic MMORPG titles and featuring a whole series of free expansion packs. A comprehensive rehash of FromSoftware’s RPG core, the mod takes its cues from a variety of sources, not least of which are classic MMORPG titles like World of Warcraftwhich means it pairs well with some of the other player-made mods.

despite of Elden ring Announcing the upcoming DLC ​​not long ago, some gamers are eager to jump into the game with new content at this moment. Of course, FromSoftware will take time to finish and polish your Shadow wanted expansion pack, but this is where the game’s large community can help.

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Developed by Muugiboy, it is the “Eldenlands” mod for Elden ring is a complete and comprehensive rework of almost every aspect of the base game. Inspired by MMO games, Muugiboy has revamped just about everything they can get their hands on to offer a surprisingly new gameplay loop. Players can expect a full review of the game’s starting classes, status effects, summons, and more. However, “Eldenlands” also introduces a series of brand new features, such as the True Damage system, attack feedback, and a new item class, allowing players to equip parts of the Elden Ring itself.

While it’s entirely possible to solo Muugiboy’s “Eldenlands,” the mode really comes into its own when paired with Elden ring‘s Seamless Collaboration mod. Specifically, since the mod is a complete overhaul of Elden ring With MMORPG leanings, adding more friends to a given instance of “Eldenlands” ties the experience together in a way it doesn’t appear during solo play. Furthermore, Muugiboy has confirmed that there are real raids coming to the “Eldenlands” in the future, which means that regular server-based multiplayer will definitely be the way to go in the future.

Of course, “Eldenlands” doesn’t necessarily care about lore. Because only FromSoftware will be able to answer the big knowledge questions about Elden ringMuugiboy presents its style as a standalone offshoot whose primary goal is to modify the overall gameplay. However, “Eldenlands” will offer a unique bonus feature in the future, putting players in the shoes of Melina herself, whose final boss is the player’s Tarnished avatar themselves.

It’s almost impossible to sum up all the changes Eldenlands has to offer in a short time, but the mod is an excellent option for those who want a new way to play. Elden ring. Muugiboy’s video overview of the installation process should get most gamers up and running quickly and efficiently, and is sure to provide dozens of hours of gameplay for those looking for something like that.

Elden ring Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Nexus Mods

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