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Get to know DinkumThe variety of animals – friendly or not – is a necessity if you want certain items, or just a lot of money. In our Dinkum Animal Guide, we will detail each tamable animal along with how to use catch for some easy Dinks.

Dinkum farm animals

Farm animals are all obtained through Irwin, who sometimes appears on your town’s visitor site. While on the site, the only animal you can buy is a Chook. To access the rest of Irwin’s inventory, you’ll need to befriend him by purchasing his items and completing requests. If he wants to stay, you can build Irwin’s Barn as a permanent home. This costs:

  • 150,000 Dinks for the permit
  • 15 Gum Logs
  • 10 palm logs
  • 4 tin plates
  • 4 copper blocks
  • 5 Cement
  • 16 nails

Irwin’s Barn is closed on Mondays and the stock for the rest of the week is random, although he always has food and at least one species for sale.

These are the animals you can buy and raise:

Dinkum Animal Guide - Chook

Chook – Requires Handling License Level 1 (250 Permit Points)

being chooks Dinkum‘s chickens, who need a birdhouse to live in. They need a few days to grow and then start laying eggs. Because birdhouses take up little space, it’s easy to place multiple Chooks in a small enclosed space in your city.

Dinkum Animal Guide - Vombat

Vombat – Required Trading License Level 2 (1000 Permit Points)

Despite their initial appearance, Vombats act like cows in Dinkum. They need an animal house to sleep in and will not produce anything for a few days. Once they are fully grown, they will start producing milk every day. This can be obtained by interacting with adult Vombat while holding the milk bucket (purchased from Irwin’s Barn).

Dinkum Animal Guide - Pleep

Pleep – Requires Handling License Level 3 (3000 Permit Points)

Pleep is a strange hybrid of sheep and platypus that sleep in Animal Dens. Every day you can use a pair of scissors (purchased from Irwin’s Barn) to obtain wool, which can then be turned into cloth via the spinning wheel. Unfortunately, the recipe for making the spinning wheel is only available randomly through completed requests or Franklin’s Lab.

Caring for farm animals

All animals need their respective buildings to live in along with daily food. Animal Food can be purchased from Irwin or made through the grain mill – grass seeds and corn will both work, with the latter producing larger amounts of feed.

Petting each animal daily will also help increase their friendship level, although this is optional. Other members of the city will occasionally do this step for you as well. By increasing friendship, animals can be sold for more and will produce more expensive items, such as Chooks’ Large Chicken Eggs.

In addition, while farm animals are technically free to roam, they will be killed quickly without some sort of enclosure. Different animal species can mix with each other without any problem, so having everything in one pen works just fine. However, separating each animal type can make it easier to collect their products.

Dinkum Animal Guide - Diggo

Other animals

There are two other animals that you can acquire, one of which is not technically counted as an animal by the game.

The first are Diggos, who can be tamed with an animal collar found in chests in the mines. Diggos produce nothing, although unlike farm animals they are able to fight back.

The other is tamed Sparrow. Mu saddles can also be found in mine chests, allowing you to tame a docile Mu (the one with the lighter feathers). This turns a Mu into an Emu Mountain, which can be used to traverse the world. Since this is counted as a vehicle and not a typical animal, you do not need to feed or protect the tamed Mu afterward.

Dinkum Animal Guide - Traps

Dinkum Animal Guide – Robbery

Besides keeping some friendly animals in your town, it is also possible to catch wild animals for a profit. This is done by obtaining the fishing license for 500 Permit Points. This unlocks the ability to create Simple Animal Traps and the Animal Collection Point.

Animal traps capture (almost) everything on them so you can bring them back to an animal collection point. Once deposited on these points, you will receive 2 messages in your mailbox, the next – one with Dinks, the other with your trap. Currently, the only animals that cannot be caught are sharks, jellyfish, bats, and the “Alpha” animals that spawn through the request board.

For peaceful animals, all they have to do is fall into the trap to be permanently trapped. Since many weak animals will run away from you, the easiest way is to catch them against a wall or river and then lead them to a set trap. Meanwhile, aggressive animals are easier to lead into traps (they usually fall directly at you). However, their health must be reduced to a third or less or they will escape the trap. Fortunately, if this happens, the trap will not be lost. Aggressive animals are more worth catching because you always get more Dinks to catch them.

That’s it for our Dinkum Animal Guide – see more below:

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