The Pavilion and its unrivaled place in Glasgow’s entertainment history

“Every part of the house was busy and in the boxes, circles and stalls there was quite a preponderance of quality ladies and gentlemen in evening wear. Magistrates, city councilors, merchants, shipowners, lawyers and accountants, not to mention representatives of many other nightlife spots in the city, helped to swell the merry crowd.” So the … Read more

Study of ants shows better biodiversity conservation is needed on farmland in the tropics

Credit: Pixabay A new study, led by CABI scientist Dr. Elizabeth Finch, is the first to explore the effects of large-scale farming on ant communities across the entire degradation gradient, emphasizing the utmost importance of preserving existing closed canopy forests. Swidden Agriculture, more commonly known as slash and burn agriculture, is a widespread method of … Read more

Can animals teach? | Discover wildlife

Animals that ‘teach’ their young? The idea doesn’t sound particularly controversial, does it? But it is. Teaching is So fundamental to how our children learn that it was historically considered a uniquely human trait. After all, we are intelligent, willful creatures, so surely education must reflect these qualities? There is an assumption that when we … Read more

Chinese pig farmers go high-tech in self-sufficiency drive

The world’s largest pork producer relies on foreign breeds Some farms are already improving pig performance independently High costs, lack of experience make improvements challenging CHIFENG, China, May 27 (Reuters) – Small pieces of ear tissue snipped from hour-old piglets provide valuable clues to Best Genetics Group (BGG) team seeking to improve the genetics of … Read more

Bull ant develops new way to fight pain

Australian bull ant. Credit: Wikipedia/CC0 public domain Australian bull ants have developed a venom molecule perfectly matched to one of their predators — the echidna — that could also affect people in long-term pain, say University of Queensland researchers. dr. Sam Robinson and David Eagles of UQ’s Institute for Molecular Bioscience found a component of … Read more

The pangolins in Taiwan have a spate of wild dog attacks

Most prized for their scales, pangolins face another danger in wildlife-conscious Taiwan: a growing wild dog population. In most of its habitats, the biggest threat from the heavily trafficked pangolin comes from humans. But in Taiwan, scaly mammals face another danger: a booming wild dog population. Veterinarian Tseng Shao-tung, 28, has seen firsthand what a … Read more

New form of ant community evolved in one species and spread to other species

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London have discovered that a new form of ant society spread across species. They found that after the new social form evolved in one species, a “social supergene” with the instructions for the new social form spread to other species. This spread took place through hybridization, ie breeding between … Read more