10 séries animées avec pas assez de drame

Le drame est un élément dynamique et puissant de la narration. Il peut créer du suspense, augmenter les enjeux, donner de la gravité aux événements et définir les moments clés d’une histoire. De nombreuses grandes séries animées réussissent grâce à leur drame. Les fans sont gagnés par des émissions qui excellent dans ce domaine. CONNEXES: … Read more

In the effort to save the beloved Texas horned lizard

This story originally ran TexasHighways.com. There were once Texas horned lizards in much of the state: crouching reptiles the color of rusty red and gray gravel, heads crowned with a fan of sharp little horns. Known as “horny toads,” the 5-inch lizards have been immortalized in magnets, murals, and even as TCU’s mascot. They were … Read more

the real origin of the mermaid mythology?

Name: dugong (dugong dugon) Group: marine mammals. Mate: Length up to 3m, weight up to 570kg. Eating pattern: Specialist in seagrass communities. Habitat: Coastal northern Australia from Shark Bay in Western Australia to Moreton Bay near Brisbane (all year), south to Port Stephens in NSW in summer. Conservation status in Australia: Protected. Superpower: Meet the … Read more

Backyard beekeeping raises warning against honey industry varroa mite

Backyard beekeeping is booming, but with the world’s worst bee parasite on our doorstep, can well-meaning enthusiasts bring down Queensland’s honey industry? Most important points: Commercial honey industry is concerned about the spread of Varroa mite from backyard beehives Recreational beekeepers are urged to register their hives with Biosecurity Queensland A Toowoomba Lavender Farm has … Read more

Scientists discover new colony structure of fire ants that evolved in one species before spreading to others

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London have discovered a new form of ant society is spreading across species. They found that after the new social form evolved in one species, a “social supergene” with the instructions for the new social form spread to other species. This spread took place through hybridization, ie breeding between … Read more