Northwestern Beekeepers Create Real Buzz Ahead of ‘Honey Show’ Return

There is real buzz in the Donegal air this week after the Three Rivers Beekeepers Association (TRBKA) revealed their annual honey show in Castlefinn is back, after the Covid hiatus. They are looking forward to meeting many new budding beekeepers, as well as old friends. Our Honey Show welcomes members from across Donegal, Derry/Londonderry and … Read more

ARK: Monkfish – How to tame, feed and breed!

German English The anglerfish in ARK: Survival Evolved is perfect for illuminating dark waters or caves with its lantern upside down. You don’t even have to make a saddle for him, you “ride” him by hanging on his back. Find out everything you need to know about deep sea fishing in our guide to anglerfish. … Read more

Water Meditation on the ‘Hidden Pearl’ Islands – The New Indian Express

Express News Service THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Ah, the goodness of village life! Soothing waters and lush greenery wherever one turns. Sumptuous seafood. Extra strong tea. And that book for the company that has been waiting for so long. Just perfect. Munroe Thuruth or Munroe Island is a small archipelago, a cluster of nine islets, about 27 km … Read more

Latest issue of wild dogs for Taiwan’s adorable endangered pangolins

The world’s most traded mammal, the adorable pangolin, is suffering massively in Taiwan and not even from trade, it turns out. The biggest threat of late has been an entirely man-made problem: an increase in the wild dog population. Veterinarian Tseng Shao-tung, 28, has seen firsthand what a dog can do to the soft, scaly … Read more

Beekeeping is hard, but success is sweet

Kristi (left) and Zac Taylor remove frames filled with honey from one of their successful beehives in Douglas, a week after collecting about 15 pounds of honey from their Powell hive. Photo courtesy of Tammy Taylor The jars brought to Douglas for the honey harvest were far from adequate, as the amount of honey harvested … Read more

Analyse : les États-Unis ne veulent pas intervenir au nom de la chute de la livre et du yen

WASHINGTON, 29 septembre (Reuters) – Les turbulences financières émanant de la Grande-Bretagne et du Japon ne suffisent pas encore à pousser le département du Trésor américain à intervenir pour stimuler la livre ou le yen battus, les responsables ne montrant aucune urgence à agir, selon les experts en change . susceptibles de persister à moins … Read more