Connecticut Sea Grant Receives $850,000 in Federal Funding

Connecticut Sea Grant Receives 0,000 in Federal Funding

Connecticut Sea Grant has been awarded two federal grants to advance aquaculture promotion initiatives, one aimed at creating new information resources for shellfish aquaculture and the other at the National Seaweed Hub’s efforts to support the growth of the seaweed industry. support. Both are regional projects involving multiple Sea Grant programs, with Tessa Getchis and … Read more

Dwarf Shrimp Latest Addition to Micro Pet Madness

Move over cute puppies, a new pet enters the lucrative pet market, attracting big bucks from eager owners. Most important points: Dwarf shrimps grow to 2 cm in length and live 1-2 years They feed on spinach and bloodworms They cost anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds Aquarium freshwater dwarf shrimp are some of … Read more

Genesis et Phil Collins vendent les droits de la chanson pour 300 millions de dollars alors que les acheteurs en dollars profitent d’une livre faible

La livre en chute libre a encouragé les acheteurs en dollars à marquer des coups avec Phil Collins et Genesis, les derniers grands noms, à tirer profit de leur catalogue arrière avec un accord de 300 millions de dollars (270 millions de livres sterling). Collins, Mike Rutherford et Tony Banks ont vendu les droits de … Read more

Bees buzzing | Borneo bulletin online

Marissa Hermanson THE WASHINGTON POST – Honey bee colonies have been dying more frequently in recent years than in the past, largely because of a phenomenon commonly known as colony collapse disorder. According to retired Cornell University professor who studies honeybee behavior and social life Thomas D Seeley, parasites and the stress caused by commercial … Read more

Research shows behavioral, physiological changes in ants disrupted by development, urban sprawl

Research focusing on changes in the physiology and behavior of ants based on their environment hopes to shed light on other ant and animal species evolving during urbanization. Credit: Texas A&M AgriLife, Michael Miller Research by Texas A&M AgriLife Research scientists at the Texas A&M Department of Entomology showed that a common ant species undergoes … Read more

Abundant Shipping: Notes on Northwestern Foods, the Hop Harvest, and Oregon’s Oldest Beer

Editor’s Note: OPB’s video series “Plentifulexplores the stories behind the food of the Pacific Northwest. Now we’re taking the same guiding principles to a new platform: email. We enlisted food writer Heather Arndt Anderson, a Portland-based culinary historian and botanist, to highlight different aspects of the region’s food ecosystem each week. Read below to get … Read more

Mirage in Vegas closes wildlife attraction after third dolphin dead

The Mirage hotel and casino in Las Vegas has temporarily closed its dolphin and wildlife attraction after an 11-year-old bottlenose dolphin died Saturday, the third dolphin death since the spring. The cetacean, named K2, was the second dolphin to die in September. The Mirage said the cause of death was respiratory disease; the necropsy report … Read more