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SUPERPOWER, now one of the best daughter proven Holstein bulls available, is the highest BPI daughter proven bull in Australia. Photo supplied.

The August ABV release has highlighted the strength of Australian bulls with a new focus on sustainability.

With the 40th anniversary of ABV release in Australia in 2023, Genetics Australia CEO Anthony Shelly says the quality of the bulls in Australia has never been better.

“It is good for farmers in Australia to have continuous access to world-class bulls suited to Australia’s unique farming systems,” said Mr Shelly.

Genetics Australia welcomes the introduction of a new sustainability index that supports GA’s focus on developing a “greener cow”.

“We continue to identify pedigree diversity that combines traits of increasing importance, such as longevity, health and fitness, feed efficiency, heat tolerance and polled genetics,” said Mr Shelly.

“There will also be more emphasis on the new Sustainability Index.”

Improvements since the introduction of genomics and access to sexed sperm have accelerated genetic progress in Australia.

“Features such as mastitis resistance, fertility have made significant improvements and access to A22 bulls and more polled options are now available,” said Mr Shelly.

“More farmers are selecting bulls based solely on their ABVs and through world-class research and focus on traits of significance, Australian farmers can be confident that they will continue to see progress when they select Australian genomic or daughter-proven sires.”

The August 2022 ABVs have produced great results for Genetics Australia with a combination of leading genomics and daughter proven sires.

SUPERPOWERnow one of the best daughter proven Holstein bulls available, is the highest BPI daughter proven bull in Australia and has a well balanced overall ABV for production, health and conformation.

SUPERPOWER was bred by Emu Banks Holsteins, the number 1 BPI herd after the August 2022 ABV release.

SUPERDAVEa high producing bull with now over 200 lactating daughters is the highest Australian ASI bull and second overall with an impressive 301 ASI.

Farmers report that many SUPERDAVE heifers top the PI lists and his mainly black medium stature daughters are highly regarded as evidenced by his 105 Workability ABV.

The first 32 lactating daughters of popular genomic bull PEMBERTONbred by Ray Kitchen of Carenda Holsteins in Western Australia, indicates he could make a big impact in future breeding programs with $500+ BPI, 287 ASI and one of the few bulls over 1,000 for the new Sustainability Index.

Several young genomic bulls remain on top with bulls in the August release TOMMYDEE $543 BPIg, STARMAGIC $524 BPIg and SAMARIA $519BPIg all in the top 10 genetic sires available.

SONDALO, DECIDER, KARATO, CINDERMAN and SHOALHAVEN then join the elite, all 500 or more for BPIg. STARMAGIC is a new addition and will be available for the first time this spring.

Star Jerseys DOUGGAN 395 $ BPI and DOBSON $358 BPI. DOBSON also leads the Sustainability Index [SI] with an SI of 882.

DOBSON ranks third at 757 SI. At 33kg protein and +363 milk DOUGGAN is also a specialist in production and health traits, making him one of the most profitable sires ever made available in Australia.

He can also be used to advantage in crossbreeding programs as his shorter stature and improvements to feet and legs, rump and body characteristics make him ideal for use over Holsteins.

DOUGGAN and DOBSON are accompanied by INVINCIBLE 338 $BPI and ASKN 294 $BPI as the four leading Australian BPI Jersey daughter proven bulls in Australia.

INVINCIBLE at 110 for General Type also tops the Good Bulls Guide [GBG] for conformation list while ASKN now has more than 230 lactating daughters and with 115 for Longevity ABV is the highest available Jersey bull.

At the Australian Reds, ARMCKEON is now the highest genomic bull closely followed by ARBCAESAR in second and ARBPRIMESTAD P in third place while ARBCYGNET is the tallest Australian Red Bull.

“Genetics Australia is committed to continuing to invest in genetics best suited to Australian farming systems for the betterment of all our members and dairy producers,” said Mr Shelly.

“We look forward to helping you select bulls. Our goal remains to provide improved returns and continued development of your business.”

The Genetics Australia Holstein, Jersey and Australia Red Sire Catalogs have been emailed to all farmers.

For more information on the August ABVs, visit

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