Ant-Man’s Daughter May Never Become a Superhero Without Scarlet Witch

Cassie Lang, the daughter of Scott Lang aka Ant-Man, grew up admiring the Avengers in general and her father in particular. Since childhood, she wanted to be a part of the superhero community. By joining the Young Avengers — first calling herself Stature and then Stinger — she realized that dream. However, the factors that led her to become a superhero were more complex than she realized.

It is entirely possible that Cassie would not have realized her dreams if it had not been for the intervention of a woman. The woman who caused her father’s death and shattered the Avengers in a way no other hero or villain had ever managed to do. Cassie Lang owes her superhero career to Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch.

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The Scarlet Witch is undoubtedly one of Marvel’s most powerful characters who has the ability to distort reality thanks to her mastery of chaos magic. She used this magic to conjure twin sons, Billy and Tommy, without even realizing it. In time, Mephisto, whose energy Scarlet Witch used to become a mother, would come for his essence and absorb the twins in the process. While Agatha Harkness erased Wanda’s memories of ever having children in an effort to ease Scarlet Witch’s pain, it turned out to be a temporary fix. As a result, Wanda suffered an emotional breakdown, unable to trust her mind or memories, which eventually culminated in the 2005s. House of M.

In Avengers disassembled, chaos (by Brian Michael Bendis, David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D’armata, Albert Deschesne and Richard Starkings), Ant-Man and some other Avengers are in Avengers Mansion when Jack of Hearts arrives. Ant-Man dies when Jack spontaneously explodes, destroying parts of the mansion and injuring the other heroes. During this time, Tony Stark appears drunk while giving a speech to the United Nations, Vision crashes a Quinjet into the mansion, and She-Hulk rips Vision in half. Scarlet Witch caused these events after a triggered memory of her twin boys.

Others didn’t let Wanda mourn her tragedy when it happened, and her subsequent inability to process it as the pain as the memories returned without warning immediately led to more disasters. Among them was the loss of Ant-Man. Without that terrible day, Cassie may become a hero someday. But without Wanda, Stinger will probably never become a Young Avenger. In fact, there may have been no Young Avengers at all.

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Cassie always looked up to Scott and spent time with the Avengers at the mansion. During her time there, she exposed herself to Pym Particles. Although she was aware of this, she was largely opposed to the superhero life. After seeing the Young Avengers on TV, she finally decided to jump in, with both legs out. Once she was part of the team, the bonds between Stinger and Scarlet Witch further intertwined as Cassie’s teammate Wiccan was soon revealed as one of Wanda’s reincarnated sons. The Young Avengers roster soon grew with the arrival of Speed, the other twins who returned as a teenager.

Wanda and Cassie are also linked through ill-fated relationships, including a mutual attraction to Vision(s). Cassie forms a relationship with her teammate, Iron Lad/Nate Richards, the boy destined to become Kang the Conqueror. She eventually accepts his decision to return to the future and follow his destiny. However, their love story was not over. In Young Avengers presents Full. 1 #4 (by Paul Cornell, Mark Brooks, Jaime Medoza, Christina Strain and Cory Petit), Iron Lad’s armor becomes a new version of Vision, with aspects of the original Vision that Wanda loved. Yet this Vision, which calls itself “Jonas,” also featured some of Iron Lad’s brain patterns and that hero’s attraction to Cassie. Unfortunately, their relationship also turned out to be short-lived.

The Scarlet Witch wanted to destroy the Avengers after blaming them for the loss of her children, but her actions accidentally created a new team of heroes in the Young Avengers. Ultimately, those Young Avengers would trigger events that both redeemed Scarlet Witch and returned Ant-Man from the dead. And so the bonds between Scarlet Witch and Stinger, Cassie and Wanda become much closer.

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