Another massive amount of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet details leaked

A lot of rumors about Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet started leaking last weekand in recent days another round of information has surfaced.

As before, the supposed facts come from the original sources. Centro Leaks is one of the Twitter accounts that finalized the details. Information again includes new Pokemon, returning Pokemon, plus other aspects like Gym Leaders, breeding/eggs, and even how big the map is.

Here’s the full summary:

– Ancient/future species: ancestors or descendants of a current Pokemon that has time-traveled from the past or future; they don’t evolve, are self-contained but with high stats; classified as brand new Pokemon with their own name
– Convergent species: new Pokemon very similar to an old Pokemon; unrelated to their original counterpart, but are almost like a recolor; can have different characterizations; these species are based on the biology concept of “Convergent Evolution”; have their own name
– Pawmi’s evolution is Electric / Fighting
– Smoliv evolves into an olive tree
– Fuecoco’s evolution is not bipedal
– There is no third legendary this generation
– Tauros new shape is black
– According to the leaker, Wooper and Tauros are the only two new Regional Forms
– There are 120-140 new Pokemon; this includes the ancient/future species
– Old/future Pokemon species cannot evolve
– All Gym Leaders have a second job
– One Gym Leader is a skier, the other is a streamer
– There is a new Samurai Pokemon
– The leaker hints that Bisharp is getting an evolution, but doesn’t confirm it for now
– The new Pokémon with a hammer is pink
– Pawniard gets a new evolution (not Bisharp apparently)
– Primeape gets an evolution
– Misdreavus gets an old strain
– Delibird gets a future strain
– A new ghost dog Pokemon
– A new coin Pokemon
– A new fairy Pokemon
– There’s a new bike Pokemon (that’s not Koraidon/Miraidon)
– The old leaker claims that some Pokemon mentioned by the new leaker may have been cut and saved for the DLC
– They also confirm that Tauros and Wooper are the only 2 regional forms for the base game
– There are 3 new dog Pokemon, one of them is the ghost dog mentioned by the other leaker
– There is 1 new spider Pokemon line, it was teased in the first trailer
– A “hardcore queen” gets a Future Species
– A pseudo-legendary gets a future species
– Another pseudo-legendary gets an old species
– A Gen 1 Pokemon gains a convergent species that changes it from a sea Pokemon to a ground Pokemon
– A Gen 5 bug gets a future species
– Legendary Pokemon get Ancient/Future Species, but the leaker thinks they can be saved for the DLC
– There are 2 Pokemon that get both future and old species
– The leaker seems to imply that the old/future strains will be treated as legendary
– An existing cactus Pokemon gets something (we don’t know exactly what)
– The new Pokemon with a hammer is Fairy + another type
– Volcarona gets an old species
– Gallade gets a future species
– As for breeding, there are still eggs so it looks like there is a new mechanic
– The leaker specifically mentioned that there is no Pokemon Daycare/Nursery; there is a new mechanic to get eggs
– Salamence gets an old or future species
– There is a new earthworm Pokemon
– There’s a new ostrich Pokemon whose haircut is reminiscent of Cleopatra’s leaker
– Raid Battles are back, still multiplayer
– New crab Pokemon
– There are 3 new Pokemon lines for dogs, they all have evolutions
– You can only add Koraidon / Miraidon to your team as the final boss, even if you can ride with them earlier
– You cannot use your own team for the final boss
– Pawniard’s new split evolution can be based on the tower
– Magikarp is in the game
– There is a new single-stage Flying/Fighting flamingo Pokemon
– There are no new evolutionary stones
– Pawmi’s evolution teaches a new move: a 1 PP move that revives one of your Pokemon
– There is a new Fire / Grass Pokemon; it’s not Smoliv evo
– Pawmi is a 3 phase Pokemon
– Fuecoco’s evolution will have a flame in the shape of a bird on its head
– The new dolphin Pokemon has a big surprise
– The Pawmi evo we have seen is the third phase
– Some of the new Old and Future Species share a mutual new ability
– The “hardcore queen” previously teased to get a Future Species is actually Gallade
– That’s because the future strain is actually a combination of Gardevoir and Gallade
– Future Gallade is based on an archer
– In Japanese, all Future Pokemon are called something like Iron + (Original Species Name)
– Eg: Iron Gallade, Iron Delibird, etc.
– Dunsparce’s evolution is very similar to current Dunsparce, only bigger
– There is a new 2 stage Ice Pokemon based on an icicle
– There is a new 2 stage salt Pokemon
– New Pokemon based on an engine
– Apparently one of the old/future species that has already been leaked has both an old and a future species
– The other one that has both Ancient and Future is very random
– The old leaker claims it is incorrect that there are no old starters in the game so there is at least one old starter, but they don’t make it clear if they mean available in the region or only through Pokemon Home
– The Pokemon engine is a 2-stage line
– The Hammer Fairy Pokemon is a 2 stage line
– The new leaker now claims that Bisharp is the one getting a new evolution and not Pawniard getting a split evolution
– We reach the 1000 Pokemon milestone this generation
– Volcarona also gets a Future Species
– A Gen 2 Pokemon also gets both an Ancient and Future Species
– A pseudo-legendary gets an old species
– The old leaker mentions that there is a new Kamen Rider inspired Pokemon
– Alpha Pokemon are back; will not be called that, but will have a similar functionality and be related to the story
– Mass outbreaks are back
– Size variations of LGPE and PLA are back
– Girafarig’s evo is purely paranormal
– There is a new beetle Pokemon
– Old and future Pokémon have weird names, they follow a pattern but don’t contain the name of the original Pokémon
– The new beetle Pokemon is based on a dung beetle and evolves once
– There is a new parakeet Pokemon (single stage)
– The evolution of Dunsparce is pure normal type
– A future species for a sumo Pokemon has been teased (Hariyama?)
– The “Download” option has been removed (because there are no Pokémon that have it)
– Pokemon #1000 is just a random Pokemon, nothing special in particular
– The evolution of Primeape is Fighting / Ghost
– Earlier talk of Murkrow with an evolution is incorrect, was a misunderstanding
– The new Pokemon Legends: Arceus move learning system is back
– Old/future Pokemon are called in-game Paradox Pokemon
– Looks like the new Pokemon Amie/Refresh/Camp equivalent for this gene is also replacing breeding
– This is called Pokemon Picnic
– You can wash your Pokémon, some don’t like to be washed
– Washing them restores their HP and increases friendship
– You can also get eggs
– Paradox Jigglypuff (Past), Paradox Delibird (Future) keep their original characterizations
– Paradox Pokemon from the past are exclusive to Scarlet, Paradox Pokemon from the future are exclusive to Violet
– You can get as many Paradox Pokemon as you want from the endgame area
– You get the Rotom Catalog through the new auction mechanism
– A new Rotom shape was planned at some point in development, but it was scrapped
– The new coin Pokemon evolves into a golden ningen
– Regarding the map size: “if you don’t go to the sea it may be a bit small, but if you go into the sea or the island it is big”
– Arceus is not in the game
– The leaker claims that Paldea, including the ocean and islands, is bigger than all Hisui areas combined
– Only 1 Pokemon can track you at a time, can’t track you indoors
– Paldean Tauros does not evolve, but has 3 different forms; each form lives in a different part of the region
– One shape is of one type, the other two shapes have 2 types
– Looks like the Kantonian Tauros is also in the game
– The single Paldean Tauros fight
– Pokemon don’t evolve automatically, you can choose when you want to evolve
– Mimikyu, – Goodra and Hisuian Goodra, Snover are in the game
– Smeargle, Gen 5 starters, Sharpedo not in game
– No new Garchomp shape
– Fuecoco’s evo signature move is sound-based
– Pawmi’s evolution is very good in late game
– New 3-stage Fire Pokemon
– Reconfirmed that the gyms have no scaling but can be done in any order

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Leaked Regional Forms, Cross-Gen Evolutions, Paradox Pokémon, and Convergent Species

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Leak Chart

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet will launch for Switch on November 18, 2022. Again, please note that The Pokemon Company has not confirmed any of the above details.

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